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    You should be ashamed of yourselves Treyarch!

      How long now from the last updates? You have your money so who cares right? string'em along until the next DLC. Don't honor your customers, most of us whom have been loyal COD buyers, by fixing your glitchy, lagging crap. These games should be getting BETTER as new ones are released. THEY ARE NOT!! If I wanted the same ol' same ol' I would have bought another Madden!! Shame on you Treyarch. The sad thing is... after playing the first Black Ops and loving it (also not perfect i know) but then buying MW3 which in my opinion (except for the survival mode) was a piece of garbage and then finding out Treyarch was doing Black Ops II I was excited for its release. The game set up and maps are very nice and the overall look and feel is what i liked from the previous title. But the constant LAG and glitches and numerous other problems ARE NOT GETTING FIXED!! Shame on you Treyarch. I thought you were better than this.