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    Skilled player seeking skilled clan (PS3)

      If you have one of those clans that invites just about everybody then don't contact me. Im looking for a clan with solid skilled, mature members who play objective based games and not TDM.


      I am a legit prestige master with 8 to 9 days played with a 1.58 K.D. I always go positive, and I run high killstreaks which I get just about everygame. (My theater is filled with all of my swarms) Had about 23 swarms in total now but my averege scorestreak loadout is Lighting strike, VSAT, Loadstar which is very easy for me to get.


      I do not like clans with annoying people in it.. im 18 very mature and I play video games competitively and to not **** around. So everygame im in I go tryhard. I usually play Domination and Kill Confirmed, SnD and sometimes Hardpoint. My favorite gamemode is Kill Confirmed.


      Oh and if you have fake prestige masters in your clan then don't invite me because when im in the party is a fake prestige master, its makes me look fake too and I don't like that because im legit.


      Oh and im like 10,000 something on the career leaderboards.