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    Online play is horrible. Activision needs to rehire the guys from infinity ward and pay them what they deserve.

      I have been playing fps games for 15 years. Ive played on all systems online, lan link or just split screen same system and tv. I understand that online play will never be on par with lan. But I believe all things should get better with time. Call of duty online play is worse than ever. It clearly peaked at modern warfare 2 where yes you needed good internet to play but at least people who could play could be competitive and the better player normally won. Now I am punished for paying for high speed internet and being a loyal buyer of COD games. If lag comp isnt broke explain this. A buddy and I both play black ops 2. On tdm he has 300 score per minute, me 190. His kd 3.1 mine 1.4. Wait whenever we use to do lan link halo tournaments. I crushed this guy. So i went to his house and played black ops 2 on his system. Couldnt be stopped. I had a kd of 4 or higher getting 40 plus kills a match. So thank you activision/treyarch for making slow internet people thinks theyre good at your games.