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    Spawning... how did the current system get through testing?

      I really just cannot understand how the spawn system in this game could have passed testing... some matches It'll be fine; I'll spawn near to my team mates with the enemy holding the other side of the map, for instance. However... in 75% of my matches I'll get spawn killed multiple times in a row.


      The spawn system seems to be line of sight based, and therefore I can spawn metres away from an enemy. It's been explained that there are only a certain number of spawn points that could be deemed "safe" and if none of them are empty or appropriate you will spawn in a more "dangerous" place. This doesn't seem to hold true when you spawn in the corner of a map with en enemy ready for you, waiting around the corner.


      Honestly though, how could this not have been an issue during testing? What's the point in spawning if you're going to die within seconds? I'd rather wait a few seconds until I can spawn in a "safe" spot.


      How many of you agree, and how many of you don't find this to be a problem?