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    Tired of Randoms

      Im a good player looking to play along side people. I can join a clan but they cant be RANDOMS, know what i'm saying. So if your a good clan and need a ok player (i dont really think im great, but i say that to get hype) let me know or play with you and i just might want to stay in your clan.


      My Info:


      Ps3 Player


      Age: 17


      10P lv.29 (legit)


      K/D: 2.01


      W/L: 2.08


      SPM: 371


      Time Played: 6d 4h 31m


      Most Played Gamemode: Kill Confirmed


      Usual Killstreaks: UAV - Lightning Strike - Orbital VSAT


      If you need any other info thats not here before you plan on "Testing me out" let me know and I'll tell you.