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    the new AK-74u? Try to wrap my head around this.

      Hey look don't get me wrong I was a major AK-74u fan. The stopping power of the AK-47 in a more mobile agile package and pre-nerf it was a long range killer. Is it really necessary to relive that experince with the Peacekeeper? In order for this hybrid to work it basically needs to be an AK-74u clone and we all know how that went down. If this gun isn't like the AK-74u, AR stopping power with a strong mid-range and SMG mobility with fast rate of fire, then how is it gonna work. Maybe the attachments will dramatically change the gun from one player to the next. Like a huge jump in range with the long barrel, not 15% but more like 30% making it effective at killing quick in the mid-range. I don't know this just sounds like the next big dumbass idea if you ask me.......hey wait nobody asked. Oh, well it was fun anyway.