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    select fire fal, helping or hurting player skill?

      Select fire fal made me lazy, now whenever I fail to turn on select fire I derp and lose the gunfight. Thoughts on slect fire and how it has affected the strength of the fal?

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          Select-fire FAL is OP.  It's a 1-2 hit kill, even with sliencer.


          The Recoil is negligible, considering how few bullets need to land on target to kill the enemy.


          I seem to run into a Select Fire + Silencer FAL user in almost every game I play on Carrier.  I vote to skip that map every time, and leave the lobby if it's going to be chosen.

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            I cant be patiant enough to use the FAL enough to unlock the select fire on it. But I have picked it up a few times during KC matches.

                 The weapon is insanely accurate even on auto. I dont think its OP per say, but it definately has a gleam about it that makes you think it is. There for people that come across it hate it.

                 The only weapon i believe that is really overpowered is the skorpian w/ RF. No matter what im using or the jump i get on someone, it never seemes to be enough.

                 I might aswell lay down when that thing comes around

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              I do this with the SMR every now and then.  Its annoying, but I've done it so many times that half the time when I run into someone without it I can recover and remember I'm retarded and tap tap

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                I don't find Select Fire (with any semi auto/burst fire weapon) to really be OP as much as I find it to be just lazy of people.


                Rather than trying to ACTUALLY aim (as such weapons are meant for longer distance and accuracy, thus weapons more for marksmans, but not sniper-style marksman) and/or tap the trigger multiple times, people slap on Select Fire just so they can spray and pray with them while holding the fire button because it's easier and more convenient, thus they don't really have to learn to actually "use" or master the weapon as intended.


                And as I said on other discussions, people with a semi-decent trigger finger can easily fire faster with a semi-auto FAL/SMR than one with Select Fire and firing full auto, or even burst fire weapons against full auto versions. All it takes is timing so you can either avoid hitting the firing cap of semi-autos (thus "interrupting" or the "sudden stopping" of your gunfire while mashing the fire button crazily) or quickly fire the next burst so it's almost as if it's already firing full auto.