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    A Thank You Post to Treyarch

      Hey Guys, this just a "thank you post to Treyarch" for making the best COD so far (in my opinion). The reason why I am doing this post is because Treyarch did so many things right with this game. It is very good and I love it. But as with any other video game out there in the world, it is not perfect. It has its issues like lag and freezing, but if you take those components out, it really become the best COD (in my opinion). Many people also forget that the devs are gamers too, and they want this game to be good as possible. But the thing is that they also have a lot of work to do with other priorities such as the DLC's. But all in all, this is the best COD (in my opinion) and would like to thank Treyarch for creating this game and having community events such as gaming with the devs.     P.S. I also think Treyarch is way better than Infinity Ward because they make better COD games and the DLC's they make. The Revolutuion DLC looks awesome and if you have something negative to say, keep if off this post please and keep it to yourself.


      Thanks Treyarch!