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    Trolling teammates

      Hello Everyone,


      This is my first post here and wanted to talk about random teammates who think it's funny to troll you. The other night I was playing with a few friends (3 of us) and the rest on our team were random's. The match started I placed a bouncing betty down and a few seconds later I heard "you equipment has been destroyed" I looked at the "death scroll" (is that what it's called?) and noticed it killed a teammate, No biggie I thought.


      When I died again and respawned I threw down another betty and a few seconds later I heard "you equipment has been destroyed" It killed the same teammate! So I stopped using them and decided to go guns only. I got into a fire fight with the other team when this same teammate jumps in front of my guns he dies and I'm kicked out.


      In another match I seen a teammate call in a care package only to get shot by another teammate to steal it! We all turned on that guy, Everyone of us started killing him until we were all kicked out! Lol...


      I would like to see this fixed. If you destroy friendly equipment it should kill the person that did it like it does but it should also kick out the idiot who continues to do it!


      Do you agree or how do you handle idiots who think this is funny? Thanks.....

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          Re: Trolling teammates

          sometimes it's hard to tell if it's someone trolling or just a random crappy player I hate the 3 team kill and kick thing I don't see  why I should be kicked because my team mates are useless

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            Re: Trolling teammates

            This is the erason I run certain classes for HC.

            No claymores or betties and no CP.

            There are a lot of people trolling others and there is a high chance you kill team mates with explosives.

            For HC I'll choose scorestreaks that will not kill my team mates.

            UAV+CUAV+Stealth chopper.


            It's the risk you take when playing HC

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              Re: Trolling teammates

              So it can kick you if a player is destroying your own equipment? (Makes a second account for this.) Jokes, i'm not a douche but that stinks if that's so.


              I've never run into any trolling so far that I have recalled unlike in previous titles where people would follow me and shoot to give out my location...Even though I would be running around the map.


              Actually though the only troll thing that has came to mind so far for me is someone took my CP back in the first week of Blops2 lol, he threw a shock charge on it and got it faster then I could.

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                Re: Trolling teammates

                The deaths scroll is usually called a killfeed.


                Unfortunately trolling happens in Hardcore and even if you have ricochet it won't stop it.  What I find slightly strange is that spawn killing is deemed not okay (I don't do this as YT videos that show this seriously bore me) because it is not considered a fair game, yet you can effectively boost for the opposition by destroying friendly equipment?


                In MW3 you can exact revenge on people destroying your equipment to get SitRep Pro by throwing a C4 on to a Trophy System so when they knife it the C4 explodes.

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                  Re: Trolling teammates

                  i've said it before and i'll say it again


                  it should be a bannable and reportable offense when people on purpose try to mess with your gaming experience like that

                  it got big in mw3 with the SUK vids on yt it seems, and since then it's gotten really annoying


                  atleast you can avoid them through their GT for being an unsportive player

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                    Re: Trolling teammates

                    I had a kid jumping in front of me to get me kicked today in a HCTDM. I really don't see the fun in it?

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