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      • 50. Re: Nerf EMP grenades

        EMP grenades are fine the way they are! They actually work properly unlike in MW3.


        They are very useful to annoy these pricks who spam bouncing betties and shock charges all over the place.


        I have a custom class on the PS3 version called 'Annoying C*nt', in which I use the wildcard Tactician and carry 2 EMP grenades and 2 Black Hats, along with Ghost, Scavenger and Engineer!

        And all I do is run around hacking and EMP'ing everything that glows red!

        I love this class!

        • 51. Re: Nerf EMP grenades

          I agree the EMP is fine.

          It's really usefull against spawn trapping+killing because it can destroy the tac-insertion from a fairly big distance. I do think the effect of the EMP should be a bit reduced on a player though. Other than that it's fine.

          • 52. Re: Nerf EMP grenades

            I made a post because I felt they are unfair, not because I am mad about them.


            Am I not allowed to make a thread discussing something being unbalanced without being upset?

            • 53. Re: Nerf EMP grenades

              I also agree it should be used to destroy other tactical/lethal nades. I think it is stupid that it works on ground based killstreaks and that is my main concern with them.

              The EMP affect is a little long but it isn't that bad.

              • 54. Re: Nerf EMP grenades

                Except streaks do take over the game. The streaks that are destroyed by EMPs are rarely used and it is mostly dominated by aircraft.

                • 55. Re: Nerf EMP grenades

                  I agree this shouldn't be #1 priority, but once lag/spawns are addressed, balanced changes will be done and this should be on their minds.

                  • 56. Re: Nerf EMP grenades

                    Again, this isn't about equipment, this is about ground based scorestreaks which can't be protected by hard wired. If I could give my sentry hard wired I would.


                    If someone is using EMP nades on me I can switch classes, however if someone is EMPing my scorestreaks I can't just change my killstreaks mid game like you could in MW3.

                    • 57. Re: Nerf EMP grenades

                      Like I've said numerous times in this discussion, it isn't about them destroying lethals/tacticals, it is about destroying ground based scorestreaks. The AGR is the only one that can survive 1 EMP.

                      • 58. Re: Nerf EMP grenades

                        superbob wrote:


                        Except streaks do take over the game. The streaks that are destroyed by EMPs are rarely used and it is mostly dominated by aircraft.


                        Not the to the extent of MW3 and MW2 from my experience.  The excessive use of Preds (largely thanks to the useless Sentry Gun) kinda made it stale for me.  May be some game modes make it too easy to get high end ones since I usually play TDM/KC/CTF.  AGR is only good against tight small maps like Hijacked and against noobs.  I'm usually the one who has to take them out so may be you've come up against people who aren't totally clueless?  Alternatively you can operate the AGR so Blind Eye users aren't immune.

                        • 59. Re: Nerf EMP grenades

                          Ground War and Chaos are spammed with lightning strikes/hellstorm, which is basically the new predator missles (hellstorm more so)


                          And I don't really use scorestreaks that kill things. I was just running guardian/sentry today for some easy xp so I could reach Prestige Master faster and noticed how stupidly easy it was to destroy my stuff. I still dropped 3KD games with my gun but I could have had a ton more score/kills if it wasn't so easy.

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