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    Looking For a Clan? Join Team-Redemption today!

      Clan Info/Accomplishements

      Note: we can only accept 14 more members for now. So get your application in as soon as possible! We only let in players that know how to win, use teamwork, and have decent stats to back it up. You may be good, but your stats will bring down the clans stats.
      -Name: Team-Redemption (PSN)
      -Members: 36

      -Black Ops 2 Clan Level: 17 (And Rising)
      -Modern Warfare 3 Clan Level: 48 (And Rising)

      Clan KD on Black Ops 2: 1.75
      Clan SPM on Black Ops 2: 386
      Clan KD on MW3: 1.80
      Clan SPM on MW3: 298.2

      -We have placed top 100 clans in the world in clan competitions. (Go to our Clan Showcase and see our medals and ranks for more info)

      -Quickscope Team
      -MLG Teams
      -Clan Battle Teams
      -Zombies Team

      Clan Requirements

      Ah, yes. The requirements. Our requirements are not to hard to meet. All that we ask is that you:
      Black Ops 2: -Have a decent KD (Kill/Death Ratio) of 1.80 + OR have a decent SPM (Score Per Minute) of 380+. Our clan has good players because we let good players in and try to keep the lower stat players away.
      MW3: Have a decent KD (Kill/Death Ratio) of 1.80+ (Non Premium) If Premium, then 1.60. OR have a decent SPM (Score Per Minute) of 250+

      -Hours Played (30+)

      -Absolutely no boosting,cheating and or glitching.

      -Try to stay active. For example, try to attend clan competitons & play with the clan. If we feel as if you do not do anything for the clan in leveling it up and or helping members, we will message you once to tell you to please do so.
      -Mandatory: If you want to join, click "Apply" at the top right of our clan page and be sure to involve your Timezone, If you are a KD or SPM player, & why you want to join the clan.