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           Me and a large majority of the other fans of the COD series that TREYARCH are making are angery because we paid more yet we dont get what we expect.

      Now in the past COD BLACK OPS with the special edition

      you got all World At War zombie maps fully upgarded with black ops guns

      and graphics.

      Hardened edition only costing €90.

      But even still


           Despite that we did not get a season pass, we're pretty much exclusive enuff with the maps and all

      but even though they were releasing it we got the moon map for free.


           So we get the hardened edition for BLACK OPS 2 we get nuketown zombies WOOO..............

      Which is the next DLC planned the next month wtf.... So everybody gets it even though they did not pay extra.


           They get season pass for 40 quid we pay 100 just to get a map thats included with their season pass!!!

      What the **** we got coins!

      Who gives a ****!