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    What the hell did they do with this new fix? A Mature gamers perspective.

      First off, As the title says - I am a mature gamer - 29 years old. I enjoy games, plain and simple. I own a buisness and enjoy my downtime.


      I've taken some time to play the game and not post, because I know the game was very new and would have issues - this is a guarentee. So now a bit of time has passed I must make my rant since not much is being worked on it seems like, at least to use "consumers" who are being left in the dark.



      Never had any issues with this game up until recently - the last few days to be exact. I finally feel the need to vent, its starting to get a bit irritating.

      I play only HC TDM - first off, let me state my opinion on this.


      -HC is almost identical to core now, they really messed it up, Why? Well because HC was ALWAYS a different paced game, Im sorry to the guys who hated the spawn delay, but that was what slowed HC pace down - it was known for this.


      -The bullets still take half a clip, sometimes less sometimes more - its so inconsistent its a bit of a joke. Im sure its a bullet or 2 less than it takes to kill in core, this is one of the main aspects of HC and it is inconsistent.


      -The radar is removed - ok, what does that matter? UAVS are CONSTANTLY UP so again, this makes gameplay simular to core.


      Now let me rant about the gameplay in general.


      -Does Ghost even work? I did a few tests and it seems like it does not work at times, I dont get it?


      - Footsteps - I've played competitivley for quite some time, I use to play alot of Quake 3 back in the day. Black ops is a first person shooter game, why would you remove this - this makes absolutley no sense for a FPS game, I dont care who trys to explain this, there is no proper explination. This is the FIRST FPS game I have ever played that removed footsteps. And dont tell me they are still audible because I cant hear **** on my Headset, nor can I hear anything on my $6700 surround sound - its useless. This also makes Awarness and dead slient a waste - a filler if you ask me.


      -The Maps, well.. I have sucked it up and got use to them, a few of them are a complete joke. Carrier, what a joke - there is no vision, someone can be literally 2 feet away and blend in to the textures at ease - and dont say "THATS HOW IT IS IN REAL LIFE, YOU CAMOFLAUGE WHEN AT WAR".

      Ok, how about I wear a Khaki jump suit and lay in the desert, Im invisible now right? No, of course you can still see me. And If I wore gray and stood beside a concrete wall, you will still see me as well.

      Turbine - that must of been a filler. Its big, which is fine - but poorly laid out in my opinion.


      -Weapon damage, well lets just say I have seen MANY times where I was killed with 1 bullet of a pistol and It takes me 3 bullets to kill with my scorpion/pdw - just sayin.


      There was quite a few more, but some have now been fixed.


      Now on to my complaints with the recent fixes.

      - Something was done with the hit detection, Im not quite sure what - but something was changed. It could be that they are messing with the network code, but this game feels as if it was changed - I hope someone can help figure out what it is they did or maybe they can give us guys who pay for thier products a bit of an update so we can understand.



      Note to treyarch


      I understand its hard to satisfy everyone, I get it.. but when the same complaints are happening over and over - they MUST be addressed. So why dont you address some issues - and if you are, acknowledge people and let them know, otherwise your sales will be down next time around - and yes no matter what amount of dollar figure the company brings in, sales and money drops are always taken seriously. So take this game a bit more serious, its a fun game that could be alot better with some tweaks.

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          Re: What the hell did they do with this new fix? A Mature gamers perspective.

          Well put, very well put.


          Like the old adage goes, you are supposed to  learn from your mistakes not keep making them.

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            Re: What the hell did they do with this new fix? A Mature gamers perspective.

            Most of the hotfixes are a mystery, a surprise, do you like surprises? Mysteries? Do you like playing the guessing game? It came free with Black Ops 2.


            Activision posted a article in regards to lag, lag comp, hit detection, be sure to check your router ( open ports, dmz, maybe buy 2 or 3 and try different one's ), call your isp, change all your cables, try a different isp, order pizza, buy a different tv, try a lcd monitor, rent a gaming monitor, hold your left foot up while playing.. these are just some ideas to keep you busy figuring out why your setup is the problem.


            *Remember, do all this regardless if every other game you have plays and performs well, it is still one of the issues above in regards to Black Ops 2.  ~ Cheers.

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              Re: What the hell did they do with this new fix? A Mature gamers perspective.

              Latest hotfix has messed something up. I noticed when I went to play yesterday around noon something was off. Same experience today. It just feels wrong.

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                  Re: What the hell did they do with this new fix? A Mature gamers perspective.

                  I haven't necessarily had too much in-game issues with this "hotfix" other than a slight lag and then a random death added to my score. But what I have been experiencing is extreme delay at the party menus with no display of map voting and "no data" when attempting to look at lobby leaderboards. My NAT is open and my connection is phenomenal. It has never done this before. Just started a few days ago. So I am just as curious to what has changed. Don't know what. Just seems a bit odd.

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                  Re: What the hell did they do with this new fix? A Mature gamers perspective.

                  I've noticed something with the hit detection. It's actually recognising my shots and killing people. My K/D has suffered a lot because its taking me 3/4 of a clip to kill someone and as I reload I die then I start getting spawn killed etc.


                  But since the new patch in one day my K/D has gone to 1.16 from 0.98. I'm not a bad player, my K/D in other CoD titles have been between 1.90 - 2.10.

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                    Re: What the hell did they do with this new fix? A Mature gamers perspective.

                    Hey Gold, interesting read. I only play HC TDM as well, so my response is based on my experience.


                    I completely agree on the HC Spawn delay and have posted a few threads about it. Its integral to the HC experience and without it... difficult to use any kind of tactics, increases spawn deaths as well.


                    I don't feel like it is taking all that many bullets to kill in this game. Some of the weapons are weaker, like the Type 25/M27/M8a1, but they fire so fast you can get a lot of shots on target. I do feel, however, that accuracy matters more in this title. I can tell based on the quality of shot I get off whether its going to be a kill shot or a hit marker.


                    UAV score was increased, and yes they are up a lot. But easily taken out and handled, so not an issue, less now than it was upon release.


                    Ghost does work, though this game is largely visual. I have always said they need to tweak it to allow a few seconds of inactivity, one comes up too quickly on this game. I am finding it to be a wasted perk in HC for the most part, but great for flanking, really ticks people off when you don't show up.


                    I was frustrated by the footsteps as well at first, but I understand what they did. Everything in this game is a choice. If footsteps are important, you can use Awareness and hear everything. If everyone can hear them, no point in using Awareness. The CaC is all about choices. What is important to your playstyle?


                    I don't think the textures are an issue, personally. I don't have great eyesight but I have no issues sighting folks on Carrier... or any of the maps for that matter. My issue is more the constant spawn swaps that pretty much force one to hold a side in HC.


                    The pistols have to be powerful, everything does, to make it a viable choice to take up a slot on the CaC. If they weren't, they wouldn't ever be equipped. You can't underpower anything in this system or it becomes useless.


                    I agree that they need to do a better job informing us of exactly what is in the hotfixes. THey have a daily message in game.. but they use it for advertising rather than keeping us informed. Not sure why they don't make use of this forum more often to keep us informed.


                    Just my two cents as a fellow HC TDM player. I am enjoying this game quite a bit.

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                      Re: What the hell did they do with this new fix? A Mature gamers perspective.

                      You have a 6700 dollar surround sound system?

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                        Re: What the hell did they do with this new fix? A Mature gamers perspective.

                        "I play only HC TDM - first off, let me state my opinion on this."


                        Well there's your problem... Problem solved! Don't play whack hc.. Simple.


                        I too am a mature gamer (dirty thirty is in April!)


                        Hc is terrible game mode and insure its even worse now that some people have lied and convicted people it has less lag lmao. Good ruse really.. 


                        Any who I'm loving the game and have no problems.

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                            Re: What the hell did they do with this new fix? A Mature gamers perspective.

                            Hardcore is just fine. Just because YOU don't like it, doesn't make it a "terrible game mode".


                            Play what you like, don't put others down for playing what THEY like.

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                                Re: What the hell did they do with this new fix? A Mature gamers perspective.

                                I've played HC since Call of Duty introduced it to the series - I've never had any complaints.


                                Let me clarify,


                                I never once said HC is terrible, before commenting read my whole post - and then make your statment. I still enjoy the game and will continue to play it regardless - and I do still support Treyarch. I am simply saying they need to address these issues that are a revolving problem, its a simple concept.

                                Im not here to argue or get into a debate with anyone on the internet, so if you are wanting to then your going to be on your own because I wont bother.


                                A few more notes in response to a few of the above posts.

                                - yes UAVs are easy to take out, but that dosent mean that it is ok to have them pop up as much as they do, more than any of the COD Series as far as Im concernd.


                                - Hardcore is fine - I agree, I never said it wasnt. But they need to make it HARDCORE again, tell me, what in your opinion makes it hardcore mode? As I said above, the radar is always up due to UAV's so that eliminates that, the HUD - really does it even matter if thats there or not? The only difference now that Hardcore actually does have, is the bullet damage, which is not what it should be IMO.

                                Hardcore should be exacally what it says it is - hardcore. Which from previous COD's it was intense in a way that CORE was not, you had to be alot more cautious in a way again that CORE does not.

                                Say what you will - they completley changed alot of this game, why? The game was never broke - ever. Just has some issues that need to be sorted. Why wouldnt they keep what is good and not mess with it, but rather repair the damaged?

                                And lastly - I never put anyone down for playing what THEY like. Play what you want, we all are playing the same game.


                                Final note - I do enjoy the game and will continue to enjoy it, I will purchase the DLC. I do want to keep enjoying the COD series, so I am just hoping they address some of these issues so they dont carry on and start a bad trend.

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                              Re: What the hell did they do with this new fix? A Mature gamers perspective.

                              I always thought they should of made UAV use isolated to the player calling it in ever since the first BO.  Makes that player have to communicate more, but keeping the actuall attainment of a UAV by other players via a members UAV in check.  Just an idea

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                                Re: What the hell did they do with this new fix? A Mature gamers perspective.

                                Developers will never figure out a way to force players to communicate. Having the UAV isolated to the player that called it in would be a nice feature. So if you're near the player with the UAV then you have it on your HUD. That would help with the UAV spam so the entire enemy team didn't benefit from one having a UAV. I just doubt they thought about implementing that. Vahn tweeted about UAV spam before the game came out and said any enemy can take it out and you get score for it. Except for increasing the score for a UAV, if that, it won't change.

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