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        20. Re: Nerf EMP grenades

        They are fine destroying lethals. Tacticals should counter lethals. Killstreaks should counter killstreaks.

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          21. Re: Nerf EMP grenades

          Nope. Everything has to be useful in this game to warrant a CaC Slot. EMP grenades have a specific purpose and they do it well. Your argument is based on the fact you don't like getting your killstreaks taken out... there are ways around that as well.

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            22. Re: Nerf EMP grenades

            No they do not need to be nerfed just because you think it is unfair that your streaks get destoryed and no longer can get you free kills anymore with out having to do anything. They work fine as they are right now.


            Stop relying on your streaks to do your killing for you all the time. For that is exactly how this post sounds.


            You are just mad that someone is out playing your game style by using an in game equipment choice to counter your playstyle. Perhaps you should switch up and stop using those so much trying to get free kills with them and maybe go with the arieal streaks that cannot be stoped by those.

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              23. Re: Nerf EMP grenades

              I can't stand people like you who assume they know everything.


              I don't rely on streaks, in fact I usually run non lethal stuff just to keep a better track of my gun kills.


              This isn't my play style, I just decided to use this set up and I feel it is unfair that someone can stop killstreaks this easily. I am not mad about anything, in fact I couldn't give two ***** about them. I am just making a statement that I think they are overpowered and why.

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                24. Re: Nerf EMP grenades

                I love emp grenades. They are a great way to get massive points. I introduced my clan to them and now we all run with at least one. U need to be smarter about your score streaks and placement of ur items

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                  25. Re: Nerf EMP grenades

                  There is no such thing as a smart placement when you can hit things through walls or bank it off a wall into a corridor you can't get into because of them.

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                    26. Re: Nerf EMP grenades

                    Nothing different with the Black Hats.

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                      27. Re: Nerf EMP grenades

                      Black Hats don't affect enemy players and give you assists for them too. Black hats are kinda cheap too but at least they are single target.


                      I've thrown an EMP grenade, destroyed a sentry, guardian, bouncing betties, shock charges, and got 3 EMP assists all with 1 tactical nade.


                      The points you wrack up with it are just ridiculous.

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                        28. Re: Nerf EMP grenades

                        I sort of like the original poster's idea about EMP grenades.  Making them just temporarily disable sentry guns, guardians and AGRs adds a little bit of challenge to taking them out.  I would rather have a game be somewhat challenging than really easy.


                        I vote yes on this idea.  Make EMPs destroy betties and claymores, but just temporarily disable sentry guns, guardians and AGRs.

                        Last Edited: Jan 11, 2013 4:32 PM
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                          29. Re: Nerf EMP grenades

                          Well considering that the game is trying to base itself on real life scenarios. And the Trophy system behind the sentry gun is a great idea. You just have to have more strategy in where you are placing the Sentry gun \ Guardian. Place them where it would be more difficult to get of a Electromagnetic pulse

                          grenade. Have to be smarter that the other player.

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