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      • 10. Re: Nerf EMP grenades

        I don't care about the radar part. I care about some guy who doesn't evne have kills destroying my stuff that I EARNED.

        • 11. Re: Nerf EMP grenades

          not enough people use them IMO.  I always have them and a launcher with me at all times, but it seems like im the only one on my team who ever does it. 

          • 12. Re: Nerf EMP grenades

            Everything has a counter. If you get a Sentry Gun, there is NO other counter to it other than the EMP grenade or standing there like an idiot for 30 seconds shooting it.


            If this is such an issue for you, choose your streaks more wisely and choose things that can't be EMP'd.  HKs/Hellstorms for example.

            • 13. Re: Nerf EMP grenades

              Um.. Yes.


              "completely unrealistic"  Pretty dumb coment. Yes there is a fair amount of 'unrealistic' things. But the whole game and weapons are based in reality. We aren't playing a sim but one that caters to enjoyment. It's not cartoony or sci fi either. So yeah I'm using "real life" arguments. How dare I , huh?

              • 14. Re: Nerf EMP grenades

                They are both very powerful and they have drawbacks. Whats wrong with that? drop a trophy system behind it if your that bothered

                • 15. Re: Nerf EMP grenades

                  I play alot of CTF...EMP's ruin my life. I run care package/Guardian/Sentry and when someone run's emp's...it basically screws my scorestreaks over. They don't even have to do anything but push a button to destroy them. And they have an infinite number of tries to get close enough, since dying replenishes their emp's. I agree with the fact that they should disable instead of destroying scorestreaks. When I go offensive, I always use EMP's because they are amazing at taking out every defense at once. 2 claymores near the flag with a shock charge at the door and a sentry gun guarding in the rear? No Problem! 1 EMP will fix all that right up.

                  • 16. Re: Nerf EMP grenades

                    If they took my suggestion and just made it stun sentrys it wouldn't be a problem. Lethal grenades are very effective against them damage wise and sentries cannot shoot enemies under the cover of a smoke grenade.

                    • 17. Re: Nerf EMP grenades

                      Black hats do the samething.  Why haven't you said anything about them?

                      • 18. Re: Nerf EMP grenades

                        Trophiers are destroyed in 1 bullet, they can easily just destroy that first.

                        • 19. Re: Nerf EMP grenades

                          they should remove it altogether i just hate it when im camping in my little corner of the map hiding behind my claymore working extremely hard to get my streaks and a emp hits me and takes out everything it soooooooooooo overpowered

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