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    It shouldn't be possible

      I tried this today because a friend of mine who camps a lot was moaning about it. I hate camping by the way.



      I sat in rooms aiming at set points of entry and waited for an innocent fool to become my victim. I mean how hard can it be, if no UAV is up and I've got a silenced weapon, how they going to know I'm there. Out of the 5 games I tried it I died 75% of the time. I lost count of the times a person comes in a room, finds my position and kills me before I even fire a shot. I'm not a bad player and normally go positive running about. So I thought camping my KD should improve no end lol


      How can that be possible. I will admit when a UAV was up, it was no surprise. But there not spammed as much now since the score increase, so the average game has 3 or 4. If your lying in ambush, you should get to shoot before the player even knows your there. Yes you might die but the advantage should be in your favor.


      So I had to eat humble pie and say sorry to him.

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          People who have played a map enough know all the places snipers camp (right, wrong or indifferent) and some people go looking to kill those snipers before they become their victim.  They may not have known YOU were in that room, but they knew someone probably would be.

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            This is very true, and I dont know why its like this. Its almost like theres hidden code in the game that allows you to be ahead in time a bit if youre moving. No other COD is like this.

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                ALL CoD games are like this.


                It's due to lag. It's just common sense.


                If a person is in the exact same spot then the game will register that person in that spot before it renders it on the moving persons screen.


                Conversely the game will have to update a moving person constantly and will ALWAYS have a slight lag.


                The difference? That if there is a 0.5ms lag then the person that is stationary will be perceived in that exact same spot during the 0.5ms lag as he hasn't moved thus his spot 0.5ms ago is the same. The person that is running will appear in a different spot in that 0.5ms lag as the position that the game shows is the position he was at 0.5ms ago.


                Make sense?

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                If you're just corner camping, you could be falling prey to the millimeter scanner.

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                  MMS and sensor grenades are great anti camping tools.

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                    People either know the popular camping spots or they watch the kill cam to see where you are. Pretty simple.

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                        your probably doing it wrong...I played a game earlier today where three guys were uhh "holding down" the top of the roof on the map plaza. They were armed to the teeth with tacs, trophy systems, guardians, and sentry guns. Impossible to get to them up there and I don't run EMP nades. They all managed to get great kds but it was probably one of the  more easy wins I ever had 200-40.

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                        Its all about map knowledge and tactical movement.


                        An aware player will enter a room looking in likely camping spots or strafe around corners expecting someone to be there.


                        You were probably being a bit too obvious. Did you have camper tools up like Claymores, Betties, or Shock Charges? Like a big neon sign saying "Camper Over Here!"

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                          Some bullshit happens on this game when your being wary guarding a door, people seem to jitter/lagg from the start of the door to halfway in the room. When you watch the killcam the just walk in and shoot you without your character reacting.


                          Knocked me off a few swarms but i guess it evens out, ive done it to people before, you really know when you get a bullshit kill on this game

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                            Keep in mind the camera issues in this game. There are several posts showing how one person is able to see another on corners, before the other.


                            You want to camp, adjust for it.

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                              iIve learned when "camping" to keep moving. check your windows and doors often to keep in step with the lag. As stated, the guy moving will have the upper hand if your sitting still. Plus if you're setting up come kill me signs, keep an eye on them and listen for them to blow up. I've caught quite a few players popping my equipment and attempting to run me down.

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                                If you are going to lie in wait, try to be somewhere they wouldn't expect. Dont go to the obvious corner for example, thats the first place people check. Another place people never expect you to be is watching your Sentry Gun's back. Sentry Guns dont just make for amazing bait, they make a damn good set of blinkers too haha. Sure, a smart enemy will just EMP it, but in all honesty, smart players aren't in the majority on CoD now are they