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    Lag Comp - Treyarch  PLease watch

      Ok I have never posted in any forum before but the lag issues is driving me to  the brink of insanity!

      Please watch:



      Thanks to OvenBakedMuffin for the detailed analysis of the lag. Unfortunately as the lag has now been proven to happen even on local game play it is safe to assume this is a coding issue with the game.

      Treyarch please stop messing about with 12 year olds who’s blagged a master rating we really don’t care, we want a competitive game that works...try focusing your attention on what matters, fixing the game and then, only then look at the fake ranking. At the end of the day a person who’s hacked their ranking is going to be an awful player. This issue is a far more of an immediate problem.

      Stop denying it exists as I’ve seen kids point out this issue so it’s hard to believe your team  professional programmers missed it during testing, the obvious conclusion is they just didn’t care and sold it with the issues in place and just thought screw the gamers they will buy it anyway.


      I know for sure I will not buy another in this series and have serious concerns about any future Treyarch titles if this is how you treat your consumers, we are not all fools. Some of us actually want a good gaming experience and not just a game that completes the set!