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        50. Re: Generation Y + X

        I'm 28 too. We are actually kiddies in this discussion! Lol

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          51. Re: Generation Y + X

          Jake02 wrote:


          Good thread… I don’t post much, but I do read a lot. Don’t have much to add to what has already been written either, just that I am 50+ and still gaming, still have my original game tag from the PlayStation Underground days.


          Playstation Underground wasn't that long ago

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            52. Re: Generation Y + X

            See how easy I forget things now...., but really has anyone else keep their orignal ID from then

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              53. Re: Generation Y + X

              Yay, I'm not the oldest one here!


              Now, where was I? Oh yeah, the important thing to remember was that I had an onion on my belt, 'cause that was the style at the time...



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                54. Re: Generation Y + X

                must resist reporting mental abuse.


                must fight the sleep.


                must stay awake.


                i give up


                simpsons classic stuff !!!!

                love it hahahha

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                  55. Re: Generation Y + X


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                    56. Re: Generation Y + X

                    You know those guys with that always instantly think of something to say that can be either moderately funny or extremely insulting?  I was the guy that always had a "burn" ready, and that was in the real 70s, not the TV show.  That's always been me, and I have spent half a century trying to soften my take on things. 


                    One of things that I have taken to heart over the years is empathy for the other guy.  I may secretly think of them as being on the level of a basket full of hammers, but that doesn't mean they are any less valid than I am as a person.  You don't know them and what they are going through, and what you say to them can have a lot more impact than the mere words would by themselves. 


                    X, Y?  BOOM, baby. At 51, I am among the last of the Baby Boomer generation.  I use reading glasses to view my monitor at an arm's length away.  My accuracy is about as good as you would expect from someone who can barely make out the heads poking above the glitches, and when my muscles tighten up in the neck from the tension and arthritis, I put on a heating pad to keep playing.


                    I come here to learn more than lecture, because even though I am barely average at COD, I still love the challenge.

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                      57. Re: Generation Y + X

                      Nice post man,


                      I hope that my gaming interest only peaks as these games become more engaging.

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                        58. Re: Generation Y + X

                        The OP Sucks and this thread sucks....




                        I think a lot of sillyness, that I see anyway... on many forums is that lets just say "fresher" posters make threads, ask questions and make observations but are already dug in on an answer and go into instant tantrum mode when they get an alternate opinion or a hint that they might be wrong. They like to scream troll at the hint of a different perspective.


                        Threads where there was no intent to have a conversation or debate facts, just a "hey, everyone tell me how right I am and if you don't well.."


                        I can't resist those threads...


                        Now that's not to say some grown ups don't do the same thing but it just seems extra obvious with a young'n.


                        Oh and BTW, I turn 43 this year so yes I am an old jadded grizzled bastard who is sarcastic as hell. I remember when I was 15 and knew everything too... What I remember most now is that I was wrong.


                        I see these forums occasionally slipping into actual conversations and discussions as opposed to unstoppable e-peen fighting and it becomes pretty obvious there are some cool members here and I am looking forward to an increase in signal over noise.

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                          59. Re: Generation Y + X

                          Welcome to the 43 club, its a small group but we have a powerful voice......

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