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    Treyarch has to change the way leaderboards work. Petition

      A few changes I would like to see in future updates.


      Leaderboard= Treyarch needs to make a minimum played period for public matches


      This is the reason.

      People play one round of each game mode, get a rediciolously high SPM and leaves to get on top of the leaderboard. I have many many friends doing this and bragging about being top in the world, with only 5 to 10 kills in that mode.


      Its a pathetic way to messure ranks.

      I'm currently at
      Free for all stats
      SPM       Kills      Deaths  K\D Headshots









      Search and destroy



      This is not suppose to be a bragging thread, but PEOPLE that are above me usually only have a few kills and then they never play the game again.

      Also, when NUKETOWN 2025 was active the first week. People got 1000SPM when playing 1 game and never touching that mode againc


      Treyarch could you please clean up the leaderboard and remove everyone that is high because of one round played? It's not fair to the people trying to rank up..


      Also. Fix the freaking host migration mess, it's making me loss a ton of matches because we get thrown out of the game.