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        The "Lag" is very intermittent. I can have games that are awesome and the next I get owned. No hit markers just insta-deaths. I have upgraded all of my network components and have zero issue on any of the previous COD titles. But for some reason BO2 has some sort of inherent code corruption that makes the game play very inconsistent for numerous players. 

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          That is correct.  Watch the video I posted.  What you've described is affected by how much latency you have depending on the host that is chosen for that match.  If you have a REALLY fast connection to that host, you will be affected more.  If you have an average connection to that host, the lag comp. applied to you will be less, affectively evening you out with others.


          If your connection is terrible, the max lag comp. will be applied to your opponents and affect you much less.  This explains how some rounds you can go 20-3 or 34-10 and then the next round, have a 4-bar connection and go 9-25.  You got paired with a strong host and had max lag comp. applied to you.


          The video really is a great watch, even if the guy commentating sounds like he's on tranquilizers.

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            Thanks for improving what I wrote, I still find it confusing.

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              I have had to turn the game off to save my controller going through my tv.......Its more luck than skill today....will they die on one on one or not mainly not................adjust the lag comp ffs please.......

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                The video really is a great watch, even if the guy commentating sounds like he's on tranquilizers.


                Bit off topic (sue me)  but I think I've found his Doppleganger




                (from the best film Tarantino ever made)  Gotta watch Django!

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                  Class movie...

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                    BO1 plays better than both MW3 and BO2 for me but it was a simpler game and they had a year to improve the MP. Hopefully, BO2 will improve as they tweak the Matchmaking but after reading the above, we may just be stuck with what we have.

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                      I can't believe that xbox has worse lag than PS3. PS3 has always been the "red headed step child" in terms of the CoD family. Plus, it's a port.

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                        can modded controllers effect this in anyway?

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                          The lag that ***** me and other legitimate players over just to baby your piece of **** connection.