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        10. Re: What Lag?

        That's one of the best demonstrations of the issue that i've seen. Good Find

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          11. Re: What Lag?

          yes this is an excellent demo of something broken in the game... but the title of it being "lag compensation" is not 100% accurate...


          worth a watch though

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            12. Re: What Lag?

            Same here.


            I didn't play MW3, and have significantly upgraded my internet since playing BO1 but, as far as memory serves, this is much more consistently stable than any other COD title that I've played to date.


            I remember cursing the Kill Cam in previous COD titles for lying to me (I've ALWAYS had issues with the Kill Cam), and the first thing I noticed when I played this game was that, while still not quite accurate, the Kill Cam seemed to be a much closer representation of what I actually saw than ever before.


            That's not to say it's perfect, just that I personally don't experience any severe or persistent lag issues.

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              13. Re: What Lag?

              True its not perfect, but on a playability level its far better than MW3 and BO1, i have gone much further in BO2 than i did in the previous 2 COD's.

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                14. Re: What Lag?

                Another good find! I've watched his videos before, he sounds a bit out there, probably all the meds he's had for his illness


                Shame he doesn't work for Treyarch R&D/QA

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                  15. Re: What Lag?

                  Your definition of lag is basically correct...


                  lag compensation is something different:



                  Izjar11 wrote:


                  Lag compensation, is a system that balances this issues with different service providers. When you are suffering from bad latency what you see on your screen will vary from what actually happens in the game.


                  You do not have to be seriously delayed for lag compensation to step in. lag compensation is always there, because lag is always there... The reason why anyone says :" I do not see lag" is because lag compnesation is doing what it is supposed to be doing.


                  If we did not have lag compensation, you would have to shoot ahead of your targets that are moving laterally to you (and how far one would have to shoot would vary depending on how "lagged" they were... an almost impossible and frustrating exercise for sure)


                  Please allow me to add some comments to your post izzy (as copied from another post with a similar subject... and please note I am no way an athority and I am not going into technical facts that much because it serves no purpose, but everyone should get the basics):



                  What we (just about everyone) does not seem to understand is: Everything that happens in the game, already happened.  What do I mean: Let's say a player is moving from point A to point B:


                  The problem is: When we see them at point A, they have already moved to a new position: call it X


                  The system/host knows they are at point X, but that information has not reached us yet. If the lag was reduced (matchmaking?) the difference (in position and time) between A and X would be minimal...

                  So what do we do? Well we shoot at A. If the lag is not too bad*, the system says: player you were shooting at A but we know the player is at X and you are lagged by "xxx seconds" so we will award you the kill if we (the system) says yes the player was where you were shooting xxx seconds ago (this is Lag Compensation - a very SIMPLE concept which I cannot figure out why so few people understand it...).

                  Aim Assist:

                  Let us say you are ADSING at point A, but the system  knows the player has moved to point X (as above). The gun will keep trying to pull to the right. Our brains say "Hey stupid aim assist, stop pulling me off target!!!" but the reality is: The system is trying to put us on target.

                  When this happens... FIRE!!!

                  * if the lag is bad... the system cannot compensate correctly and hit detection goes to hell.

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                    16. Re: What Lag?

                    let's get something clear...


                    You are not "pulled back" - a common misconception of being compensated.


                    The reality is: the lagged person* does not get the information that you are no longer there. The system compensates for the lag and detects a hit.


                    Think about things that are very far away from you (like a distant star): the image you see is delayed in time by the distance it is away from you as measured by the speed of light (thus the term light year)


                    - In the real world you see everything happening around you in real time as light travels so fast; but consider that everything you see has already happened (even if the time delay is so small it is insignificant).


                    In the data world, the time it takes for information to flow from one place to another is latency, and that is not only physically/mathematically measurable, it is also visually measurable when the data is represented (like in an online game). Lag Compensation tries to make it so everyone around the world sees everything at the same time (which is logically impossible, but required for online gaming).  If the delay is too large (cause by improper matchmaking or other forms of lag which I am not going to talk about), the system cannot compensate, and you get "WTF!?" moments.


                    * it is possible to create artificial lag, but we will not talk about that because many do not believe it and it only serves to confuse people... more than lag compensation does.

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                      17. Re: What Lag?

                      True because it's technically offline (LAN), but add it all up together and that's a big issue

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                        18. Re: What Lag?

                        Some excellent videos are out showing other serious issues with the game (cudos)...


                        A major problem seen since BO1 (many would agree that MW2 and previous titles did not suffer from this) is that people are being put into lobbies with high pings to the host.  Even though they said that BO2 is ping based matchmaking, I (and others) have their doubts... as sometimes (not as often as MW3) we are put into foreign lobbies.


                        And I do not mean lobbies with people speaking other languages.  I mean getting put into lobbies with people from other continents.


                        edit:  I have a theory (and yes this is just an opinion so it is highly suspect): I would bet the the world-wide success of COD is also its downfall.  People from BFN want to play... if one could only join lobbies with others from thir own "locale" they would never join games. As a result, the flood gates have opened up and it has turned the online gaming experience into a laggy pool of crud.


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                          19. Re: What Lag?

                          yes agreed... When I 1st saw I was thinking "WTF!?"

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