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    MQ-27 Dragonfire Calling Card?

      I noticed this just now on the COD Wikia:

      http://images.wikia.com/callofduty/images/1/11/MQ-27_Dragonfire_Calling_Card_Ad_ BOII.png

      .....and now my mind is blown.  Apparently you can only get this from pre-ordering Black Ops II.  Well, I pre-ordered the Care Package edition way back, but I never got this Calling Card.  In fact I never knew up until now that there was a unique Dragonfire Calling Card in this game.


      Does anyone else have this?  And if so, if I may be so bold to ask, what did you pre-order to get it?  Also, might it be possible that this may be released in the near future, at least to those who have pre-ordered this game?