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        30. Re: Generation Y + X

        I'm a 38 year old working professional who plays COD online so that I can keep in touch with my Army buddies, as well as, keep in touch with friends I've met throughout my career. COD gives me a venue to shoot the bull with the fellas while at the same time playing a fun game. I've used COD as way to do this since Modern Warfare was released. It wasn't until this game that I started to actively search and post in the forums. My reasons for coming here were to see if anyone else was experiencing similar issues that I was. I've learned a lot from the community in these forums but I have also never laughed so hard when reading some of the posts.


        I love the OP weapon debates from folks who have never played any other COD titles.


        I love the mysterious stat reset posts...These are my absolute favorite...most of them start by I just logged on and all my stats were gone. Then as people start to question the poster we learn that at some point they boosted, or glitched, or whatever, then the whining starts.


        I guess my point is that this particular game has brought out folks who are really frustrated and need a place to try to find answers and to vent. 

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          31. Re: Generation Y + X

          This is getting interesting,


          Our conversation is moving into an age based discussion or a experience vs lack their of.


          What do you guys think, the reason my posts insult some is more a age or experience based reason?

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            32. Re: Generation Y + X

            I think it's a mixture of age, ignorance and good ol' fashioned a$$holes!

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              33. Re: Generation Y + X

              I'm 28 so I must be a prepubescent then......

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                34. Re: Generation Y + X

                I'm not so sure about that... It's not an age thing, but a maturity thing.


                As a member of Generation Y (or the "Millenials" if you like) I find that most of my peers are self-indulgent, self-important, arrogant idiots who lack a basic desire to DO. Now, that's a generalization which cannot be applied accurately to everyone, but my personal experiences have taught me that my generation generally sucks. We are lazy, apathetic, and uncaring. If it isn't directly beneficial to us, then we have no interest in doing anything for anyone else. Sure, there are some who pretend to care, but they pretend while engaging in shady deals behind closed charity doors.


                One could say that I have a hard time identifying with such an attitude because I was born at the very "start" of Generation Y. Maybe they would be right, but I prefer to think that it's much simpler than that; I grew up, they didn't. I do have many of those "defining" characteristics of a "ME Generation" individual though, and can't really place myself in with "Gen X." I'm not entirely religious, I expect better returns for my effort than a typical "X-er," and don't have much patience for blind ignorance or racist/sexist/agist people who most often come from prior generations. I can be quick to explode, and will often get into "heated" discussions about things when it could have been handled with much more civility.


                MY problem is that I tend to be a very logical person. I don't have much use for "emotional thinking." What I mean by that is, I think abortion is ok... PROVIDED that one of two factors is true; either the baby is the result of a sexual assault, or the life of the mother is at risk. It is simply illogical to put the mother's life on the line for the sake of a child who is not yet born, and it makes no sense to risk having another rapist introduced to the world (there is evidence that a predisposition to such behavior is genetic.) Abortions for all other reasons are wrong, not because of morality, but because it makes no sense to prevent that fetus from enjoying life just because it would create a hardship for the mother. There is always adoption (plenty of responsible people who would love to have a child, but can't) and if the parents had practiced "safer" (no sex is truly "safe") sex, then it probably wouldn't be an issue.


                I also debate with facts, and can get very annoyed when someone gets emotional about it. I don't have patience for "touchy-feely" attitudes with regards to economics, foreign policy, etc...


                All that said, I DO think it's important to: give back to our communities, help others who NEED it, and respect the people around me. I am not ashamed to hug the people I love, and will try very hard to not allow anyone around me to get hurt (physically or emotionally.) There is a place for emotion, it's half of what makes us human (the other half being logic,) just not in everything we do.


                What you see in these forums is a direct result of flared emotions (anger, betrayal, disappointment, machoism, fear, regret, etc...) People are disappointed with how this game has turned out, angry because nothing is being done, afraid of being called a "loser," and regret being so "invested" in a franchise that obviously doesn't appreciate them. It will calm down, but that will take two things...


                Time, because most will just filter out and leave as new games come out, or their lives lead them away from having such time to invest.


                Change, from Treyarch (Trollarch as I like to call them.) Treyarch NEEDS to put out some real fixes, because it is utterly destroying the community around this franchise.


                As the more mature people filter out, we are left with more and more of the "kids." The "kids" aren't there to make anyone mad, they just don't know how to handle it the same way that we do. They are fed up, and see no results, so they do they only thing they can... Vent on the forums. This venting creates a perfect environment for the machoism to come out, and that is where you see the things like "I pwn you N00B" appear.


                Again, it's all about maturity, state of mind, and a lack of any other outlet to vent.

                They aren't "bad people," just angered fans. We are all here because we love ths franchise. Remember that, because it's our common bond.


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                  35. Re: Generation Y + X

                  ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

                  What he said (you've saved me a job there mate, thanks)

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                    36. Re: Generation Y + X

                    Blimey!!! you have opened up a can of worms with this thread! lol

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                      37. Re: Generation Y + X

                      Only a baby man.........

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                        38. Re: Generation Y + X

                        I know I was guilty of this when I first started posting and that was to post an issue or question without doing any research on my own first. I was trying to take the shortcut route instead of applying some due diligence of my own. There are the people who use forums as a troubleshooting tool and there are those who use it as a venting tool without any sort of constructive contribution. I believe that there is definitely a gap between the informed mature and the ignorant immature. I'm just a 38 year kid who likes to play video games with friends.   

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                          39. Re: Generation Y + X

                          You're welcome... Just saying what's on my mind

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