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    Generation Y + X



      This thread is of a different nature, I will address some growing issues we have here amongst ourselves (threaders). Lately I have been having more confrontational conversations with a few new "threaders" in this forum. Conversations between us range from who has the most posts, to just because you have 3000+ posts you think this or that or the your not the thread police, or your new shut up, many other (ridiculous / non important) things that help no one.


      I wanted to simply declare a truce between myself (perhaps others would like to join) whom has been posting in these threads and those who are relatively new to these threads.


      Let me clarify a few things about myself and the reasons I posts:


      1- I like these games, and will not complain about simple things like OP weapons / perks / attachments / game style preference.

      2- I will debate when I read a post that mentions the same ol' stuff such as Dedicated servers, camping / rushing, latency or "lag comp" because none of these issues will ever really change, specifically dealing with this current game.

      3- I am no "thread police" nor I do not work for Activision or treyarch (as some new threaders mentioned) I play, I suffer latency, I lose, I win, all that we all go through.


      I would rather converse about how we (whom play) can make this game better, address actual issues that affect us all, and potentially play some games. I have joined forces with some great gamers here, and have allot of laughs / wins with them. So I extend a peace offering to those who do not like my posts or writing but lets speak about things that positively impact the game and our gaming experience.


      Cheers' COD.

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          1. Re: Generation Y + X

          It does seem that the forum has become decidedly more hostile since the release of bo2. I have noticed a trend with the release of a new game that new forum members come in and there is a short period of hostile activity which gives away to understanding. Not this time, it just seems that everyone is angry all the time. Must be the frustation everyone is feeling with the game play.

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            2. Re: Generation Y + X

            There certainly has been an increase in the amount of keyboard warriors around lately.

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              3. Re: Generation Y + X

              gambit1969 wrote:


              There certainly has been an increase in the amount of keyboard warriors around lately.

              I understand if someone comes here (angered) and writes something logical, to the point. But some new members have taken what others write on a more personal note.

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                4. Re: Generation Y + X

                Your right it could be the game itself is creating more hostile players / threaders.

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                  5. Re: Generation Y + X

                  It shouldn't be a surprise but IGN stated that BO2 was a top seller last month so I guess it's obvious why. Heck, I remember several months ago I let one thread get to me and I even got a warning from the moderator to slow my roll! I look back and say, "Yeah, I was out of line." It takes discipline to control your emotions when reading obnoxious threads/posts. I guess this thread can be therapy for us all!


                  Good discussion!

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                    6. Re: Generation Y + X

                    I've been saying for a while that this thread is being taken over by ignorant children who come here only knowing what YouTube tells them. Most of the time they complain about stuff they no nothing about. They're the generation Activision tries to cater too so when it comes to discussing balance and equality they want nothing of that. It's rough and I too have had some confrontations over meaningless BS



                    I can only hope these children get board and leave

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                      7. Re: Generation Y + X

                      Well, by nature humans are a very competitive species. But I think the difference in how each generation was raised also affects the content and therefore, the responses to discussions. It's kind of like my parents loved the Beatles and CCR but there parents thought it was trash. Just like hip/hop, rap, punk rock to our parents. And the cycle continues.

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                        8. Re: Generation Y + X

                        you posted your stats in another thread, and I find your 2.0 KD a challenge! Watcha say' let me test your skills in TDM? all in good fun, add me egotrip7809


                        cheers zvers'

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                          9. Re: Generation Y + X

                          Good response.


                          I was going to address the issue if this is a generational issue, but didn't want to assume those who I have been confrontational with might be my age group.


                          It feels (atleast to me) its becoming a new vs old (threader). I might be wrong.

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