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    Why we should have a admins or at least vote kick

      Basically this guy took offence at some campers and ruined the game for outr whole team by constantly throwing emp and flash nades at our own team.

      With no admins we cant kick so whole game spoilt.


      Yes we all could have left and lost all our kills and points and got a lose if your bothered with that.


      This is terrible.


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          I'm pretty sure you are not supposed to be pointing out people directly like that.


          Either way, it is very annoying when teammates decide to grief others or to teamkill just so they can be kicked. They are very selfish.  If you are playing HC you can always have every teammate kill him a few times. Otherwise your best bet is to just quit. There really isn't much the game can do about it. It looks like you are on a PC but if you were on XBL you could submit feedback on the player as a method of avoiding him in the future.

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            Hello -

            We do not allow Name & Shame on the forums. Please report the players in game using the report player option. Also please refer to the Black Ops 2: Security & Enforcement Policy.




            Claire JeepChick

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              noooooo....admins would kill this game, a 5 year old with admin power who kicks you because you killed him? do you want this game to be play to win or something?

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                  Agreed, Admin or "vote to kick" would be a VERY bad idea.

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                      Then im sorry but you know nothing. COD4 and WaW are STILL run with admined servers. As for a 5 year old having a server? how would he pay for it?


                      Admined servers are the best option no matter what. Yes you may get kicked once or twice by idiots but you will find a good server and you will go back repeatedly. then the idiot admins will have no-one on and will stop paying.


                      That excuse really bugs me as it never happens on any other games. And saying they are a bad idea? So having someone grief you a whole game is better? I guess you are probably people that do that then? For example ive had people stand in front of my sentry on HC so i get kicked...Great all because they think im too "good"?

                      That guy above was flashing and emp'ing everyone on the team and it spoilt the game. Racist kids are spoiling this game. Abusive people are spoiling this game.

                      NO-ONE should have to see racist or abusive messages target at them or family. These people have to be able to be kicked. In COD4 there are little to no abusive players-why? Because they get kicked. So everyone is respectfull.


                      I dont know about you but even IF i got kicked once or twice by an idiot admin, I would find a good server and would rather play with people who are respectful.


                      Only the abusive kids can even think about arguing against that.

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                    This game does not need such a feature to give players the ability to kick who ever they do not like just because either they are not playing how they want, or because they are on the other team and beating them. And that is exactly what happens on any game that has that feature. It gets abused way too much by those who think they should have the right to control how others want to play the game.

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                        It doesnt. Do you play COD4 or WaW? It never happens. Only people that get kicked are clear hackers and abusive players. Thats it.

                        And even if some kids gets a sever well..hes paying for it he can run it how he wants. No-one will go there after a while so who cares.


                        Admined servers as previously said are the ONLY way to stop these current abusive and racist kids ruining the game and more importantly the community. Only someone who regularly types abusive messages or LOL, easy, owned etc would ever disagree. If your a normal respectfully player then you will never get kicked.

                        As previously said this is for PC only. Consols are full of whinging kids and are on there own. That community is Fu*ked already.

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                            Nope still not needed. There is no need for privately ownes servers just so the admins can kick who ever they want when ever that person does not play exactly how the server mods or admins want. This is just a game, it is not life and death and is not meant to be taken so serious as you or others who think private servers are needed is doing. This is only meant for entertainment and fun, nothing more.


                            Your term 'abusive player' right there can be used to justify someone kicking someone because they are doing better than them. So they must be abusing the system or mechanics of the game so they get kicked. Again something that completely ruins the BF3 servers right now.


                            The fact that admin or mod can and will kick you for playing outside of how they want the game played. So if your a defensive player and they do not like campers you get kicked which is not abusing or breaking any rules of CoD but that of the admin that is power hungry and trying to force everyone to play how they want.


                            And yes I have seen this sort of mentality on many different servers in my past over several different games that had private servers. And no it does not help the game at all by even allowing this to even be remotely possible.


                            So no there is no need for privately owned servers in this game.

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                          Agree, multiplayer games should always have a vote to kick option.