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        30. Re: Online lag renders MP unplayable.

        The lag situation doesn't just effect players with top quality internet, it also effects players like me who have a far inferior quality service than you.  If i ran a speed test i wouldnt get anything near the figures you have posted, and i have been lagging like mutha f***** since perhaps the second week the game came out! so the problem must be something else???!!!

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          31. Re: Online lag renders MP unplayable.

          Totally agree.. This guy above with the good ISP... THAT'S JUST GONNA WORK AGAINST YOU.. I've found the fix after many many many wasted hours on this.. Get the disc out off ps3, pour your self a nice cool drink(beer if its your thing) use your disc as a coaster, crack out the GRETSCH G6120 wipe the dust off her, plug it in and go... I have wasted to much time play this **** game and forgot what fun, skill and enjoyment I get outta my GEE.. PS. I love coming on this site to read about the consumers who complain my EXCELLENT Internet service is not working with game but is fine with every single other game.. ANYWAYS WAKE UP THE GAME HAS HAD IT'S DAY.. IT'S DEAD.

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            32. Re: Online lag renders MP unplayable.

            I am on xbox and i want to say that for my experience lag compensation issues are less than in mw3, but there still are some issues.


            Yesterday i was playing when the host migrated. Black screen appeared, then the game returned and the countdown started.


            5, 4, 3, 2 .... bang, I get shooted and died before my countdown arrived to 0. My opponents started the game before than me (his countdown arrived to 0 when instead i was on 2).


            WTF? Is this the lag comp applied to me? almost 2 seconds?



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              33. Re: Online lag renders MP unplayable.

              Ok for everyone to read.... so hopefully this doesn't continue on with the questions.


              The better your internet? Probably the worse off you are. You'll become host and in turn, will lag you out. It is not a PS3 problem, it is not an Xbox problem. It's both. The only one that works fine? PC. Treyarch has denied that there is any lag. That as far as this "lag issue", it's complete trash. Completely made up. It's obviously not made up as they claim, but that's just what they say.


              There are those who may say it's PSN and/or XBL depending on what you play (I know this is PS3 side of their forums but a few people are on here from Xbox too.). It's not. It's Treyarch's servers/programming. It's not people's internet, it's not the online service of the console, it's the servers and/or programming they have for the game.


              If you think not, seriously go play cod4. Even those of you who say this black ops 2 doesn't lag, go play that. Yes, perks and things of that nature will obviously be different. But just notice the feel. Notice the gameplay. Will you get into these face to face gunfights and they come out even remotely the same? Will you be able to actually knife someone?


              I myself will never buy another cod again until I read online that the lag is better. It'll save me roughly $60 a year. I know with the mass amounts of players, it's hard to get things perfect. I understand parents are idiots and we have 8-9 year olds playing. I understand people glitch, I understand all that. But I don't get why deny the fact that it lags.

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                34. Re: Online lag renders MP unplayable.

                lag lag lag. thats all  i DONT get

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                  35. Re: Online lag renders MP unplayable.

                  I agree dude... I get seriously angry. I'm fine with losing but I'm not fine with getting screwed by lag over and over for 2 hours. This morning I rage quit 5 times in a row. The 6th time I just turned off my console. Each of those games I had no more than 2 kills and about 15 deaths (which I think is quite dedicated to hang on for that long).


                  The more I read and research it the more amazing material I come across and it makes a lot of sense. The fact that the lag causes your player model to appear to others half a second before you come out of cover. That is why you manage to get 3 shots off before you die instantly but on the killcam the other player had been shooting you for ages.


                  It also doesn't help that everything stacks up against you once the lag happens. The most significant of this is aim assist. If I'm lagging I get no aim assist. I'm not one that thinks aim assist is essential and I'd play the game without it BUT it is essential if EVERYONE ELSE has aim assist but yours doesnt work.


                  I play on Xbox btw - So it's all of us suffering. Don't worry though. 3arc don't think there is a problem so we may as well just give up now.


                  Just to add insult to injury; I'm a casual player. I work full time so I get maybe an hour per night then maybe 4 or 5 hours at the weekend. I'm near the end of 1st Prestige (which has taken me a long time). Yesterday I got a message "Your online stats have been reset". My weapon progress was still there as is my level and Prestige but my classes had all been reset and I'd been refunded my permanent unlock token. I used that to get Ghost again but I'd also lost all of my spare unlock tokens. Half of the things I'd unlocked since lvl35 were now locked again so by the time I get to lvl55 I won't have enough tokens to get everything I want which means I'll have to Prestige again (I didn't want to do that yet). I sometimes play offline against bots to get my aim down before going online but apparently that causes things to go wrong - more broken parts of the game.


                  As others have suggested - Go play MW1 or WaW and you will see that there is sometimes a bit of lag but everything feels smooth and completely fair.

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                    36. Re: Online lag renders MP unplayable.

                    Show your support and boycott the DLC until they fix the lag comp..........game is a joke why would anyone with half a brain spend another penny on this artificial lag game its a disgusting sham of a game going back wards instead of forward....... Can someone from treyarch with balls step up to the bar and finally listen to the community...

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                      37. Re: Online lag renders MP unplayable.

                      I'm a PS3 player and I agree I will not spend another penny on DLC for this game.  The lag for me is just to bad for me to justify giving them any more money.  I have played COD since WAW and have somewhere over 100 days combined for all of them and never had the connection issues I have had with this game.  My stats are significantly worse than any other COD, even my first COD WAW.  I didnt stop playing between MW3 and BO2 but all of a sudden everyone seems to have unbelievable reaction time.  (of course I watch the kill came and its a good 0.5 sec behind the actual game play.  Obviously there are people that must not be experiencing what I am with the game because some people have awesome stats and seem to have no problems witht connection issues and rushing.  Whatever they changed in the net code for this game has made this game the worst COD for me.  I do remember BO was also the same way when it game out but was eventually adjusted and by the time I stopped playing I was averaging a 2.3 k/d weekly.  I used to play with a great group of guys and I have had everyone of them stop playing and sell BO2 because of the rediculous lag.  I cannot justify another spending any more money and I hope that the  majority of players feel the same way.  (but thats just wishful thinking)

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                        38. Re: Online lag renders MP unplayable.

                        When is everyone going to realise, THEY CAN'T FIX THE LAG. Its a byproduct of online gaming and more and more people playing with better connections. I only have a 4-5MB service (no fiber in area yet :-( ) and its laggy as hell !!! There is no magical fix coming that will make it better for everyone and dedicated servers won't help. Other games don't experience lag to this extend as they don't have the fanbase of COD. I don't know what they are going to do but something needs to change for the next generation of consoles or else they are going to lose loyal fans.


                        FWIW This is the worst COD to date for me, crap sound, crap weapons, crap maps. I've lost the will to play like I used to and so have alot of the players I used to play with.

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                          39. Re: Online lag renders MP unplayable.

                          Go Play mw2,black ops1......perfect then jump on mw3 gets worse...then black flops2 even worse.....its the game not the online connections ffs.....

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