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    No same respect for all players

      It's past 2 month from the D1 and for no reason, Hardcore players are never supported... I'm so tired to play the same modalities cause treyarch has no respect to us... 4 modalities vs 12... Like to say "loser, you paid a whole game and you only have half of it!" Also if there's only 2 people playing a mode, you must give that mode to all, includes the 2 people... You can't create 12 mods and allow only a part of them playing it... I can't play core for many reason, including bad connection, anywhere it said that there were only 4 hardcore mode, otherwise it would have remained on the shelf for many ... So it is a scam!


      I I keep hearing people complaining about campers in hardcore, but it's a great bullshit... The few times that I play core, there's a lot of noob campers behind every single and damned corner! I see people that shooting across the map and kill enemies with a Five-Seven in one shot without hit the head...bows that through walls, knifing at 3/4 meters from the target...


      please, stop not consider your CUSTOMERS that pay you handsomely and would like to be treated like any other!

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          hardcore tdm moves at snails pace half the time timing out before either teams hits the score limit sure there campers in core but to denie that they infested hardcore is asinine

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              I tried playing HC but there's a lot more campers in there compared to Core. I played a few HC TDM games and those heavy traffic areas on Core are quiet in HC. It seems like everyone is being cautious and it's like playing hide and seek.


              I felt like I belong in HC. I'm just not used to its pace yet and I run around in there more than I think I should.

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                  I've played HC modes quite a bit starting with MW2, and I totally agree with you on the slower pace, less trafficked hot spots, games timing out, amount of campers, etc.




                  Have you played HC TDM since they took away spawn timer? You tend to end up spawn killed a time or 2 more, but the mode really moves along at a bit of a quicker pace. I know a lot of people have been complaining about this change (I did too at first) but since I've gotten used to it I actually prefer it.


                  Jumped on last night to play a few games with a friend I haven't played with in awhile and we never made it to the time limit in 5 or 6 matches. When playing this game type, I tend to have luck running a "fast class" with AR or SMG (depends on my mood) and work the maps from outside in.

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                  No **** theres more campers, it take only a couple of bulletes to kill someone in hardcore rather than dumping a clip into someone in core and still not kill them so they go run and hide to regian there stength, core players have to ******* skill

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                  hardcore has been campy since it was first put in call of duty really slow gametype

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                      You guys are totally imagining things if you truly believe that HC is campy, slow, and times out.  This happens in 0% of the matches I play in, and I play HC exclusively .. mostly TDM.


                      I honestly don't know where you are coming from with these opinions, because they are completely false.  Take it from a player who has not played a single match of core in this installment of COD.


                      The pace is fast, and yes, players are definitely playing smarter.  Of course, those who run aimlessly expecting to absorb bullets and regenerate do not last very long in HC.


                      It requires smarter gameplay, not slower gameplay.  Yes, there are campers here and there like any game mode on any map, but they are few and far between, and they are usually less skilled players anyway.


                      "HC is campy and slow" is just a myth, and most often said by those who don't play, or have never played any HC.

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                          Quick question: If you haven't played core in this game, how can you compare?


                          That's like saying apples are better than bananas without ever trying a banana before.

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                              Firstly, I made no comparison at all.  I was simply correcting statements about HC that are not true.  HC is not, by any stretch of the imagination, "slow and campy."  It just isn't.  I'm a man of little patience.  If it was slow, I would not play.


                              Secondly, this is not my first COD, and I have played core very sparingly to complete challenges in previous releases .. just not this one.  I don't really care much about challenges anymore.  I play to play a FPS and not much else.

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                                  It was just a logic question that annoyed me.


                                  Hardcore, IMO, is just more cautious and calmer than core. It has its ups and downs, but I prefer core for the huge, varied population. Plus, I like having a HUD. It fits the campaign of this game.

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                                      If that's what you like, then that's what you like.  I prefer HC myself.  I don't like expanded huds and such.  In fact, I would like HC more if they eliminated more small things such as letting me know my equipment has been destroyed or hacked .. surprise me!  In my opinion, even removing hit-markers from HC would be a plus .. I don't want to know my bullets are landing through walls either.  Just my opinion.

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                              My eyes are twitching from trying to make sense out of this post, but I must ask, what is your theory on why playing hardcore is better suited for someone with a bad connection? Secondly, how is your bad connection 3archs fault?


                              Core is where the majority of players are, hence the majority of playlists.


                              Also,.... water is wet.

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                                  CowboySr wrote:


                                  Secondly, how is your bad connection 3archs fault?



                                  The question of all questions. Lol. It's never their fault...

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                                    perhaps because a bad connection I find people who shoot a whole magazine, also by chance, and I shot two shots, which did not allow me any way out? And then, 3arc or activision, these ******* dedicated servers? They were the only back that do not use dedicated servers ... This is their fault ... Then, if you fanboy and do not see beyond your nose, no problem ... If you really like the way the core, do not come and bother in topic on hardcore ...

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                                    The age old argument...


                                    I've played pretty much HC exclusively until this game title. Since HC is so limited and there's a ton of spawn campers in both HC KC and CTF (Yes, it happens in KC) I've tried my hand at some Core. With that being said, I've watched plenty of kill cams and seen at least, if not more than half of my deaths coming from people aimed down sight waiting / watching a doorway or hall, or high traffic area. Were they near an objective guarding it? No! Were they camping the high traffic zone? Yes. Did I try to go around and take a different route? Perhaps in an effort to snuff out the camper? Yes, but only to die to another one.


                                    I've played the following Core modes: Hardpoint, TDM, Dom, and HQ. All of them were played extensively (or at least as much as I could take), and I mean at the very least 10 games.


                                    Core peeps, don't think you're not campers. Don't think that HC is slower paced. Both have their pros and cons. Since I am more of a HC player however, I will back and side with my HC people and argument against Core players, and their accusations.

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                                      The end result is this: There are not many hardcore mode because people prefer to have the minimap, how many shots and has to camping because "there are only so campers to hardcore" ... In short, a bunch of little children who, moreover, break the boxes for those who want more hardcore mode without even thinking that they should not rub at all, because they like core ... Another good reason not to buy more than a cod ...


                                      It's an age old argument, but no one listen our problem... There's a lot of topic asking more hardcore mode... The only answer is "NOT ENOUGH PEOPLE FOR MORE MODE"... is a big bullshit, as I wrote, all players have paid the same price and all deserve the same respect ... Even if it is 2 players ...

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                                        Oh, and if you consider the minimum camper stop to recharge, consider the game "slow" just because you're a runner possessed (not much better than a camper so) that need to run from one side of the map, without a minimum of tactical sense and doing a lot of pissed off because your fellow's friendly, programmers and their foolish respawn, pop enemies behind them, and this is the way you play, you do a favor to the community of cod ... Go play in track and field, run as long as you want and do not open your mouth on a subject just because you have the opportunity to do so, even if you do not know what you're talking about ...

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                                          I love how HC is supposedly slow and campy, and yet this opinion is derived solely from playing HC TDM. Try HCKC, I guarantee you'll be VERY surprised. Had a game of that on drone, a couple of my buddies were all ready to try and get their longshots, and amazingly, only ONE ENEMY tried sniping from the forested cliff at the back, and only tried it once. No enemies bothered sniping from the helipad.


                                          I used to be a big TDM player, I cant stand it any more. In KC, people HAVE to stay mobile as those tags help them get their scorestreaks.

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                                            I play HC CTF basically, only and i know in the near future they will take that away to add a new HC mode instead of just adding on. SoI then will have to adapt to a new game like I do everygame/



                                            Whether is is HC HQ, HC DOM, or HC CTF, I would just like some commonality throughout the games. Don't tell me they are made by different companies that why different gamemodes. Because core gets the same modes every game

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                                              serraevilx wrote:


                                              I see people that shooting across the map and kill enemies with a Five-Seven in one shot without hit the head..

                                              lolwut ?

                                              no just no, specially not in core, guessing you mixing up the 2 there

                                              can't even get a 1 shot kill with that pistol in close range at core, so yh from that point everything you typed got invalidated for me


                                              and the masses dictate everything as with nearly everything in the world

                                              so 10/100x more people play core, so what you expect ? offcourse there are more gamemodes for that

                                              they have perfectly fine reasons for not wanting to break up certain playlists even further

                                              unless offcourse you want your precious HC to turn mopre into core lagwise etc, as that's what will happen if they gave a mode with 10x as little playercount just as much playlists

                                              players be scattered all around, making a good/close host much harder which will translate in even more connection problems


                                              and dedi's won't help if your own connection sucks, others would still ping the server faster as you and have a slight advantage over you

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                                                Hmmm, the following post will not seem fair, as it probably isn't.  If you ran a company and had to choose between keeping 80% of your buyers happy vs. 20%, which would you pick?  Any logical business owner will take the 80% as even if they lost the 20%, they could live with it as opposed to losing the 80%.  Not exactly what the 20% want to hear, but it's the truth.  COD has always had more playlists and more attention given to core all the way back to COD4.  It has always been this way, not sure why people would expect it to change all of a sudden.  The fact is that HC players are outnumbered on a very large scale, and will never get the most attention from the company that makes the product.

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                                                    Go in any town anywhere in north america, and you will find more fast food joint than classy restaurants.

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                                                      The problem it's not about make 80% happy... The problem it's that you can cut off stupid things, like training (100 people playng every day and one mode doesn't work... Are you kiddingme??) and put many Hc modes, making happy the other 20%...20% 500,000 it's 100,000 people... 1/5 of the daily players of bo2... 1/5 of people that it's considerating like nothing from the progammers... And that 100,000 people, paying the game like the other 400,000... it's something about 7,000,000 €, 10,000,000 $ more or less... Are our money less important? don't think... they must respect... And I tell this even if those 100,000 were only 1000... otherwise, avoid goals reserved for those who play to one mode or the other ... Goals that are the reason why game ...

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                                                      grammer please, my eyes hurt trying to read this. but i understand what you are trying to say and well its just not going to happen. hardcore players make up like 25% of all cod players, maybe less. so unless you can somehow get more people to play it to the point where its about an even split there is no way you will get your wish of more modes. they cant make everyone happy but you should just be happy they still put hardcore modes in. with mlg and every other major gaming tournaments being played on core gametypes its a wonder they still have hardcore in the playlists. you look at any game out there and the core equivilant always has more players and it will always be that way,so why get away from the stuff that is making them money? sure if they dont have hardcore playlists some people wont buy the game but they already have so much money that they arent going to care if they lose a few people along the way.

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                                                          I'm using google translate... you have to settle for grammar ... If not do the speech in Italian and then the grammar will give it right ... I apologize and I'm sorry for your eyes, but you will understand that there is also people who are not properly speaking ...

                                                          is not the point. you can not forget about 100.000 people every day ... to say, for the same reasons referred to above, I can not play alloy mode for that reason ... Or at least, I could do it, but would not go even ninety-ninth out of 100, given the many problems we have ... I do not have a high rate, but I can make good matches in HC ... If play the core game: 1) I do not enjoy 2) the rate drops to peak 3) I do not win anyway ...

                                                          Not to mention that most players also means more imbeciles, little children more and more people who play unfairly ...


                                                          Google translate really sucks... -.-'''

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                                                          A good solution would have been dedicated servers that players can rent in addition to official servers (like EA), that allows the admin to choose the any gametype and set the rules.  I.E. Hardcore Domination.


                                                          That way you could find a server that plays your gametype and play there all the time.  Another benefit would be meeting and playing with the same people and getting a reputation.


                                                          Also, 24/7 maps.

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                                                              that would be nice except everytime one of the 12 year old admin who bought the server got killed he would kick that person out. happens all the time in bf3, you are doing to good and the admin sucks so you kill him and he gets mad and you are kicked for no reason other then the admin got butt hurt. so now instead of him just having to dashboard to keep his stats he can kick out someone who is better and put all the crappy people on one team and all the good ones on his and he gets an easy win.

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                                                              I completely agree.  For all these people complaining about campers on HC - there are far more campers on core.  There are also less snipers on HC.  I only play HC KC or CTF as they discourage camping compared to TDM.

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                                                                The game IS core. Hardcore is the bonus gameplay, and sure camping is very prevalent in core as well, and it's really lame, but at least you have time to react without the crazy bullet damage, and a radar to spot them.

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                                                                    this is the biggest bullshit ever heard ... Stone Age is a bonus ... Game of weapons is a bonus ... HC was always there, just that you like best to have all the amenities, like the mini map all the time (which the UAV is easier to get the reward, in HC there is always one above heads and still can do start to get the map) ... or always know how much ammo you have ... For this cod has gone from "war simulator" to "paintball" ... For this reason anyone who plays Battlefield teases us, calling this game for children (for the record, I tried battlefield and did not like it, so it's not a game wars) ... ... Then, let's face it all, the core should be for people who can not do, for those who make videos from 100 kills and then maybe have also used the cheats ... people who haven't a minimum of shame to use tricks to win anything ... In short, for the incompetent ...otherwise, instead of call center, it would be called HC ...