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    Diamonds are Forever


      Been working the past few weeks off and on on earning Diamond Camo for my Assault Rifles, and I am proud to say that I was able to put the finishing touches on this challenge in my last match before I had to run off to work today. It was a grind, but I felt a real sense of accomplishment for having finished it.


      I want to thank the devs for putting this nice surprise of a challenge into the game. As much as I loved Black Ops, I hated the COD Points system. There was really no challenge to it, and one could simply just save up the points and buy whatever they pleased (aside from a few locked away until a certain prestige level of course). Where was the sense of achievement there?


      But even more importantly, I like that this kind of challenge promotes diversity and taking people out of their comfort zone. In the past, you would just earn the camos for the guns you like. There was no incentive to try other weapons, why bother? The Diamond Camo challenge was a really outstanding idea, something I hope is implemented in future titles.


      Please note, not asking for a discussion of the aesthetics or appearance of the camos themselves, talking mor about what they represent and the challenges that go into earning them


      Anyone else been taking on these challenges? What has your experience been like? Have you come across any other challenges that you have worked towards that you would recommend trying? Any ideas for challenges in future titles that encourage people to try different things and step outside their comfort zone?

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          hey like you i'm loving the new challge of getting hold of the diemond camo.

          i am doing it with the snipers and im on my last gun with 5 blood what ever medals left.

          if they didnt add the hidden camo i would not of touched the first sniper (even though i hate it haha)

          but it is an amazing add to the call of duty franchise!

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            I wish i had the time to get diamond camos, getting gold is an achievment for me haha.
            The challenges i've gone for are usually the calling card ones, currently working towards master of humiliation.
            just got backfire, afterlife & sticky left before i've unlocked it <3

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                I really need to look through the calling cards and start trying to get those.


                One thing I hated about the Modern Warfare Series was how they hid the challenges. They were all listed sure, but you didn't know what you were working for. You would look through the emblems and just see Question Marks. I like that they put everything together in this game. I can scroll through, see what the rewards are, and pretty much exactly what I need to do to earn it.

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                  I will go diamond with SMGs and ARs (have launchers) for sure, but I do find myself being more concours of trying to getting more calling cards and other challenges than I ever remember as well. Also seem to be more tasked with prestigious all the way.


                  I don't know why, but I'm enjoying this rendition of COD more than MW3.

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                  I really like this as well. I just hope the next time they mix up the challenges a little more. I have specials, launchers, shotguns, lmgs, and smgs all diamond. Working on assault rifles now, and I'm so sick of grinding headshots, I could puke.

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                    I've been working on these more in BO2 than other titles also. 


                    I initially was apprehensive about the Chicom CQB and wound up saving it for last and over the course of golding it, I actually grew to enjoy it.  It's one of my fave weapons now.  Got diamond ARs and SMGs now and really have no desire to chase diamonds anymore.  But since, I'm 9th prestige now I figure I'd might as well play a little more to hit  prestige master.  Once I do that though, I will probably shelve BO2 unless the first DLC knocks my socks off...

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                        I am considering using my next unlock token on the ChiCom CQB since it is a late unlock. I have finished my ARs and may try to make leeway with the SMGs.



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                            When I was chasing diamond for SMGs I had the scorpion and chicom left.  I used a token on the scorpion so I could work on it immediately since it was a later unlock and figured I should have it gold by the time I unlocked the chicom.  Worked as planned.  I was at the point that I had already used perm tokens on my "must haves" by the time I reached 9th so my tokens, at that point, were used on weapons I was working on.


                            If you haven't gotten your "must have" items perm unlocked I would say use it on those first.  But if you have em all unlocked using them on weapons your working on is the next best option, imo.


                            Besides, if you plan on being a prestige master your unlock choices are kind of moot at that point.

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                                Good thoughts, I forgot the Skorpion was a higher unlock.


                                I pretty much have my must haves, as they are early unlocks and some I have already... thinking from this point on going to unlock later unlocks that I want to work on.


                                I hear people complain about SMGs on here a lot, but I myself are not all that effective with them. They get me a lot of hit markers, so I know when I start working on them I am going to have to adjust my game considerably.

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                                    Indeed, I did get more hit markers with SMGs than ARs.  I lean more towards silenced ARs so I assumed silenced SMGs were the way to go...bad idea.  I almost exclusively play HCTDM so it was really noticeable. 


                                    In past CODs I treated SMGs as smaller ARs, thats a bad idea in this game.  IMO, putting a silencer on an SMG really gimps the weapon (the stealth impact of suppresors is pointless in HC) and only makes aiming seem easier due to reduced muzzle flash but if you rely on hipfiring with the SMGs, you should be fine.  Slap a laser sight on that SMG and go to town.  However, with the Scorpion I actually used it like it was an AR, red dot sight, quickdraw, silencer and had success.  Headless chickening with a Scorpion just didn't work for me.


                                    In a nutshell, lay off the suppresor for the SMGs and hipfire those bad boys like 3Arch wants you to...

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                              What ever happened to white gold?

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                                It's a nice addition for sure, though there will always be people who get a few 'safe' guns gold and stick to them. I'm more impressed if I see diamond though, as it shows they're happy to leave their comfort zone. I've done all primaries now, finished yesterday with the Dragunov thing. Launchers are nearly there (bloody triple kill...), only special left to do is the crossbow which is just comically bad. Looking forward to pistols, apart from the Executioner. I know it can be done, a guy in my clan did it in a day.


                                Still haven't seen anyone else coming at me with diamond LMGs though.

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                                  Could care less about camos or clan tags on weapons.  I don't stare at the weapon while I'm playing.


                                  Camos are stupid.

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                                    Every game that has a camo unlock, or some type of challenge and I care for it, i'll do it.


                                    That being said i'm one Shotgun and sniper away from having Diamond on those classes,SMG's are done and then i'm onto the AR's/LMG's.


                                    I like the challenge of having to go outside your comfort zone and i'm really feeling it with the Ballista...I also know LMG's might be a bit ruff because of the maps but i'm up for it.