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        What's ridiculous is reading so many complaints about SMG, and then losing close range to an AR because of lag or bad coding or whatever, and thinking "didn't seem that OP then".

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          FAL Select Fire, M8A1, SCAR-L, SMR, AN-94 are better than SMGs "if you know how to use them."  Which you probably don't, thus why you are complaining about SMGs being overpowered.

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            FAL with select fire slows down the RoF and is only for lazy people, and single shots always have hit detection problems, XM8 is terribly inconsistant, SCAR-L is the worst AR out of the entire class and sucks, SMR is a single shot so still suffers hit detection problems and its slower than the FAL, and the AN-94 shoots pretty slowly and isn't that powerful.


            and only 3 of those guns are 2-3 shot kills and all of them are slower than the PDW, and MSMC.

            so explain to me how SMGs aren't OP again?

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              Why should a smaller firearm with no scope have a larger sway window?

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                How about... no.




                ... and I have always used SMGs more than any other gun in every COD. The ONLY thing different about SMGs in this game are...


                ... the variety.

                ... the laser sight (i.e. hipfire).



                Which, BTW, can be put on an AR... laser sight and stock plus lightweight with Type 25, M27, and MTAR are vicious.






                But you would rather whinge than experiment.

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                  Laser sight is highly effective on FAL and SMR as well, even without select fire. Was working on Camos and losing CQB constantly. The Laser Sight really helps... especially against the SMG users. Fun to hear them curse when I kill them with my semi-auto as they spray away.

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                    Because you don't know how to use ARs, as I said before. 


                    If the FAL select fire was so trash then why was it banned from MLG? And the samething with the M8A1 select fire.

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                      iivrruummii wrote:


                      Ya, but I am better with ARs.  So SMGs are not "overpowered" just overused.  Every COD game had a SMG or two that are overused.  Get over it.

                      THIS MAKES NO SENSE.  If you are better with something you will use it more often. PERIOD! the only reason to say well im better with ARs but constantly use SMG is because they are easy, cheap, and OP.

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                        the XM8 with select fire actually increases the fire rate because the burst delay dissapers, but the range gets murdered because of it and it becomes a hit marker machine not to mention it has actual recoil, and the FAL slows down the RoF by at least 100.


                        and the only reason its banned by MLG is because of people abusing the lag comp system to give themselves an unfair advantage so to make it look like its OP when its really not.

                        when your able to fully fire a 2 shot kill weapon without spamming the trigger then its gonna be seen as OP.


                        btw i only have 2 SMGs out of my 7 CaCs, the rest are ARs and domination classes.

                        so yes i know how to use ARs.

                        i didn't just go only use me PDW to nolife my way to master prestige

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                          Stop standing in the open, watch you corners and just be smarter then the enemy. Im sorry if you are standing 50 yards away and i throwing a bucket of bullets at you. Well then you are going to die....

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