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    External Applications: UKT Team Leader Needed: UK, PS3, BO2 only

      Position: Team Leader


      To lead a sub-team of the clan into matches on clan nights, clan ops and clan challenges when needed. We need someone to lias with myself and other management members. We need someone who is dedicated, motivated, a natural leader, intelligent to provide tactics to win objectives, friendly and honest. Our clan does not condone cheaters, hackers or boosting. Preferably the applicant will have experience in a different clan but is respectful and has already left that clan and explained why. Our leaders get respect and although the position is ideally for clan members only, our members have not responded to recruitment opportunitys. You should be active in nights and weekends primarily.

      About us:

      Im Leader of clan UKT, UK Tacticalsquad.

      We are level 7 at the moment, which doesn't include recent gold badges won on challenges yesterday and today.

      We have taken part in clan ops, challenges and league play.

      We have 16 members currently, always recruiting and active.

      We have a team leader already but due to the size of the clan, need another by Friday (11 Jan). We also have a League Team Leader.

      To apply:

      Please first, check out rules page on website: www.uktsblops2.webs.com and make sure your happy with our idea's.

      Then contact me through the site sending me an email on 'contact us' explaining your application and why you think you'd be good as team leader.

      Responding to your application:

      I will respond to everyone application Saturday morning and announce to the applicant who is successful. I will then direct the successful applicant to elite to join clan and onto the site officially to establish a relationship and start their forum with our other leaders.