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    team made up of a clan and yourself?

      Do you enjoy entering a lobby and being teamed up with a clan in a party already? I do for the most part but I recently had a horrible experience being teamed up with a certain clan.  I outscored and outkilled my teammates pretty severely and I spent the whole match hearing how I was dragging them down.  I didn't even have a mic on so wasn't responding to anything.  Have you found yourself in this situation before? I enjoy it 90% of the time...what about you?

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          Most of the time it works out to my favor but it really depends on their connection.  If it's good we likely will dominate the other team but if not it's all that I can do to keep us in the game and more often than not we will lose.

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            Well, if you were playing TDM and led all scorers but went 20-32 they have a point. If you were playing TDM and the 5 of them were responsible for covering choke points and making sure they didnt run past certain points that would cause enemies to spawn behind them , but you did, they might have a point(in their eyes).   I think we'd need more info on what you were playing and how you did to better understand the situation.   However most of the time the people in the lobbies are complete morons and demoralize my faith in humanity overall.