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    Does Prestige Affect Matchmaking

      Currently Im 5th prestige and have found that every time I prestige, I seem to end up in harder lobbies with players that tend to hand it to me big time lol. My KD and win/loss is rapidly going down and I play exactly the same way as I always have throughout blops2


      I would class myself as an average player, good games and bad games etc but lately I am finding it increasingly difficult to hold my own.  I have heard that there is some sort of skill based matchmaking thing out there but didn't know if prestige has anything to do with it

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          No... I found max prestige in my first prestige, found good and bad player in every prestige and dumbass and awful player in every one of my 7 prestige... So I can tell you you're only unlucky...

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            I don't know about prestige but I believe that there is a skill factor when it comes to matchmaking. Yesterday, I reached my BO2 career high in terms of KD and SPM and I noticed that my matchmaking changed. All of a sudden, I am getting paired with people who are of my skill level and beyond. I'm still holding my own but it's a big change in competition. It could be the hotfix or maybe my matchmaking skill level just moved up a tier.

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              I'm 9th prestige and I regularly end up in lobbies with no prestigers.  If anything, I think that this title focuses less on prestige than any of the previous ones. 


              Winning in objective gamemodes can be pretty difficult if you aren't with a well coordinated team.  My last game last night, I went 45/16 with 10 flag caps and 7 defends and yet we lost 168 to 180.  It was a close game but we just couldn't hold onto that B flag long enough even though several people were trying.  I'm pretty sure that 1/2 of my deaths actually came from trying to cap B.  It was a real dogfight but sometimes you just come up short even with an outstanding personnel performance.

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                Matchmaking to me seems totally random! I'll be with noobs, high prestige, low prestige, and everything in between. Win one game of KC by a dominating score and then can't get more than a 10-20 loss for games on end. Everything about this game is totally random. The 870 won't work at all for me but everyone else can snipe me with it! One game my guns work next 50 games I shoot blanks!



                I do like this game. It's just so random. I don't have any OP gun gripes or any of that sorta stuff. Just want it to be remotely the same experience from game to game. If I have a good game I might as well hang it up for the day, because the rest are going to be garbage!


                Objective games. Oh my. Ground war domination. With randoms. Makes me wanna pull out my pubes, stuff them in my eyeballs and kick puppies and punch babies!!!

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                  I am not sure of this whole matchmaking... I have seen people from lvl one to master prestige in all my lobbies... from k/d's like 0.5 to 3.0 and above... i am pretty sure its all just a big freaking random pot and they just want to make it seem like it isnt...