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    Bye Bye Cod

      i think i give up with cods now they just seem to be getting worse and worse with the lag, now i thought MW3 was the worst game ever from support to assassin, but the lag in black ops 2 make this game unreal, im not a bad player i have over a 2.30 kd (was 3.02) and a plus win/lose ratio but the lag is driving me mad, i can but almost a full clip into someone and yet they can just quick scoop miss me bye a mile or some how shoot through the hardest walls in the game and bang your dead, the last couple of days have been a joke.


      they are not going to sort it out either as they believe its not happing, and the spawns just seem to be getting worse, i spawns infront of some guy today 3 times in a row with him just aiming his gun right at me.


      so i think ill give it a rest and try again when the map pack come out (because im a nugget and bought the season pass based on lies), please keep these forums updated so i know what the game like for the next 19 days thanks