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    We are the BORG, resistance is futile!

      We are Borg, resistance is futile! » MyGamesterLife.com


      Prepare yourselves for assimilation into our COD B0-2 clan named the BORG. If you are thinking "Wtf is a BORG?" They are from F$@%$#^&amp;&amp;*ING Star Trek lmfao......I have seen almost every Star Trek....It is a gift..., and a curse<---[Monk Reference]...yup seen every episode of that too. So far as of this date we have roughly 8-10 loyal BORG on the Elite rosters. As of now we are only on XBOX Live. If the opportunity aroused I would be interested in expanding to God do I even say it? J/k Don't PWN **** me...PS3 and PC [I like Xbox] [you probably hate XBOX] .....[I probably don' really care].....you are probably going to hunt me down and smash my keyboard over my face and then shine a laser light onto my face in a dark alley filled with savage, sewer, rabid, rank- ass, crazy, mutated, laser crazed Cats.


      {the reader thinks "does he smoke crack while on lsd AND shrooms?}


      We are just a bunch of people playing this game for fun and we don't like to play with ass#$%^#'s. If we have enough people to play with as BORG we won't have to play with those @ssholes! Unfortunately you may have to play with me occasionally,....I know, I know...I'm Sorry.


      We tend to have Adult Conversations [If you know what I mean] I mean you know for example: talking about what kinds of tea we will drink next fall and reminiscing about our dear, dear loved ones we share our fall tea with. How grandmothers apple pie was Mmmmm just darn good eatin'.


      If you are interested in joining the BORG collective please send ProAquaNinja a Message on that thing called XBOX Live, you may have heard of it.


      P.S- Our clan mission is to start having all clan members to [if they want to participate] Twitter the big guys upstairs to hear our voice and make simple changes for us gamers. I am not complaining about B02 I love this game. There are simply just a few things that would be more fair in my opinion. Such as......Letting Hardcore players get clan experience points for playing challenges in HARDFREAKINGCORE!!! It really is unfair to allow those silly "core" people to have all the fun! Hardcore players and Core players are as different as the Alliance and the Horde! They are as different as breath mints are to garlic roasted zombie flesh sauteed with onions in a delightful Alfredo wine sauce served over capallini pasta and best enjoyed with a tantalizingly sweet Moscato white wine.


      Now available at The Zombie Garden Graveyardian restaurante' with your choice of Brain soup or our fresh citrus Zombie hair salad lightly coated in goo and maggots.