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    What class do you use the most?

      Just wondered.


      I'm only Prestige 2 level 44 as I don't go on as much as other COD's. (I promised my wife I would cut down a bit, haha)


      I've only been playing Domination since game came out.


      This is my class (pick 10 system) I've used since start of playing Black Ops 2 -


      Primary - Any SMG or Assault Rifle (except 3 round burst or single fire as I'm not much good with them).


      Attachments - Quickdraw with Fast Mag


      Secondary - FHJ-18 AA


      Perk 1 with Greed - Hardline and Blind Eye


      Perk 2  - Cold Blooded


      Perk 3 - Dexterity


      Lethal - Semtex


      Would like some sort of tactical but daren't sacrifice anything, haha. Should be pick 11 for me.


      Seems to be working for me quite well. I'm not the best player in the world but got a positive Kill/Death ratio so can't grumble.

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          Hardline / Flack jacket














          On all weapons , just i switch touchness for my AN 94



          scorestreak , stealth chopper , lodestar , swarm



          Prestige 7  level  18 from tonight , my wife keeps saying i need to go a bit faster for master prestige.

          K/D 1.13

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            When I am playing a non-flag game:


            Any SMG (currently working on the vektor) with a laser sight



            Engineer/Tac Mask

            1 blackhat



            Playing a flag/bomb game


            Any AR (currently working on the AN-94) with fast mags and target finder

            Flak or Ghost


            Engineer/Extreme Conditioning

            2 Black Hats (or 1 hat and a sextex)

            (random streaks but usually a Guardian and a Sentry)

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              Some good responses guys.


              Should have also said I would like toughness in perk 2 with Cold Blooded but It's hard to sacrifice anything to change.


              Just trying to max out all SMG's and Assault rifles at moment. Pity only goes to prestige 2 for weapons.


              Forgot my scorestreaks - Usually go with UAV, Hunter Killer and Care Package. Been using Counter UAV for a bit though instead of UAV.


              Sorry if anything misspelled but had a lot of whiskey today, haha. Already getting pissed as my wife has gone out for night with mates and I always worry what she's up to, lol. She's 100% trustworthy but I have depression so my mind wanders a lot. Wish I could control my brain instead of other way round, haha.

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                Dsr-50/Balista no secondary, qs for that

                Ballistic cpu and variable zoom attachments

                Perk 2 greed cold blooded and scavenger


                c4 and two shock charges


                Prestige 1 lvl 47 k/d 1.61

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                  My favourite class setup depends on what game type I play but it's usually something like this:


                  Primary: PDW

                  Attachments: Fast Mag, Suppressor


                  Secondary: None


                  Wildcards: Perk One Greed


                  Perk One: Ghost, Flak Jacket

                  Perk Two: Scavanger

                  Perk Three: Tactical Mask


                  Lethal: C4


                  Tactical: Varies depending on map/opposition using the trophy system alot now days though...


                  Scorestreaks: VSAT, EMP, Lodestar

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                    I pretty much run this set up on all smg classes.





                    Perk 1: Flak/Hardline

                    Perk 2: Toughness

                    Perk 3: Dexterity/Engineer


                    I tend to swap out Hardline for lightweight depending on the lobby im in.


                    Scorestreaks vary depending on the game type. VSAT, K9, Swarm or Stealth chopper, VSAT, Escort drone.

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                      "(except 3 round burst or single fire as I'm not much good with them)."


                      What's funny is that I have the swat and FAL gold and the M8 almost gold. I'm struggling with the MTAR!! I know, sounds crazy but the gun is just so weak at range.


                      I like to use AR's and Snipers so I mix it up with those. Secondaries are always either the SMAW or RPG and the B23 (the shizznizzle pistol). I'm just tryig to get all the AR's done but recently I have had a run with the LMG's. When used right, they can be very devastating.

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                        I'd drop Quickdraw and pick up an EMP grenade but otherwise it looks pretty good to me.  It really depends on your playstyle though.  I don't rush as much with ARs and I find that SMGs dont really need quickdraw.


                        For me it's whatever gun I want to level up with typically fast mags, usually whichever pistol I have unlocked and then:


                        BE (or Ghost for rushing)

                        Toughness (occasionally Fast Hands)

                        Engineer (although Tac Mask is a good sub for Engineer) (or Extreme Conditioning for rushing)

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                          I play HC KC primarily so;


                          PDW-57 w/Primary Gunfighter

                          Silencer/Grip/Extended Mags



                          Scavenger (or sometimes Cold blooded)






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                            The ultimate Domo class...


                            FAL with select fire and suppressor

                            Ghost and Flak Jacket



                            Frag (sometimes Clay) and smoke.

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                              I'm between classes at the moment because I'm going for diamond.




                              Primary: SMG - Which ever I have to do camo challenges on.

                              Secondary: Crossbow with Acog Scope

                              Wildcards: None

                              Perks: Hardline/Lightweight, Toughness/Cold Blooded, Dexterity

                              Lethal: C4

                              Tactical: Concussion/Black hat x1

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                                I'm a search and destroy player, by far my favorite loadout is my rushing class wich is set up like this:


                                - PDW with stock and long barrel.

                                - Leightweight

                                - Fast hands

                                - Extreme conditioning and awareness (perk 3 greed)

                                - 1 stun

                                - 1 C4


                                Having a lot of succes with the set-up, athough i'm thinking about chancing fast hands (for throwing C4/stun faster) with thoughness.

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                                  primary: AN-94 with silencer

                                  secondary: RPG

                                  perk 1+ perk 1 greed: ghost + flakjacket

                                  perk 2: scavenger

                                  perk 3: tactical mask

                                  equipment: thropy system

                                  lethal: claymore


                                  SC: UAV+lightning strike are pretty much a lock and ill go with either care package, AGR,sentry Gun or whatever i feel like lol.


                                  id also use same class but change flak jacket with hardline and tactical mask with engineer and thropy system with EMP.