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        samialjabber wrote:


        Did I say I don't ENJOY looking at them?  No, I said I don't particularly enjoy looking at them.  In the same way that I don't particularly enjoy looking at pictures of cars or telephones.  Likewise, I don't particularly dislike looking at them either.  Basically, they don't bother (or offend) me either way.


        You appear to have no intent of actually answering my original question.  Your objective seems more angled towards outwitting my post.  An objective you have failed up to now.  If you don't have a genuine answer to a genuine post please refrain from trolling.


        Furthermore, my question is what is it that offends people about the penis picture?  Offence is in the eye of the beholder.  And without boring people further I can provide a perfect example of that theory.

        I'm not trying to troll or outwit you there cowboy. Put your pistol away. lol


        If one person is offended by nuduty or a penis emblem on XBL, then the TOS is broken. It really is as simple as that.


        To answer your original question. I am not offended by a penis per se. I see penises in a changing room shower or on a medical program on the TV and it isn't offensive at all. If I see someone in public with theirs out, then I am offended. It all comes under the realm of public decency.


        Why is it in the christian's Bible story they chose to cover up Adam and Eve for example?


        This really isn't that hard to grasp for a rational person such as yourself.

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          Noob_Lyncher (below) is exactly (part of) the point I was trying to get at, though my question was seeking a genuine answer.  Are these people really offended by these pictures?  Or are they simply fuddy-duddy fuss-potts with nothing better to do?

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            I spent 25 years working in adult publishing (yes, those magazines), and I still report offensive emblems, whether they're swastikas or genitals.


            I've worked with a lot of tw*ts and d1cks and I see no reason to endure them in a video game.

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              Oh I report them. The only time I dont is if it is genuinely *GENUINELY* funny. But thats as rare as moose piss, I think the total of those funny enough to earn a stay of execution stands at 3. If that.


              Racist emblems should earn a ban from playing IMO. If you have a racist emblem you probably spout off in lobbies too.


              To those who think us reporters are stuck up/boring etc... TROLOLOLOLZ

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                I report every emblem that I find offensive, even if it may not be. If it is offensive to me it gets reported.


                so yeah every emblem that has pot in it, or animals doing other animals, or porn/naked women, racist, hate language, cussing, swearing that I see I report both to 3arc and to ms since it also breaks ms tos for player content.


                And yes sometimes I tell them and sometimes it is funny. Some ***** about it, some say nothing will happen, others do not care at all. Some threaten to hack my account for it if they get banned or reset, then I report them again for the threat.

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                  They REALLY need to add a "Dislike" option

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                    I report the hell outta them.

                    I look at it just like getting headshots on head glitchers. They offensive embelm makers are seeing if they can get away with it, just like campers, modders & head glitchers. I try to kill just as many of each as I can.

                    It's all fun

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                      For me it's the young eyes and ears that may see them. I would hate to have to explain what that "thing" on the screen is to my young daughter. The pure ignorance and inconsideration of today's youth (and adults) is appalling at times. IMHO

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                        For real, I will make one. I love reporting players!

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