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    Looking for a Founder Philippine Clan? Join us here at PhilippineGaming!

      WELCOME Filipinos and Players from the philippines!




           This clan will be a clan that will represent the filipino players or people playing MW3 in the philippines. We want a clan that is enjoyable for every member and will make call of duty MW3 a more enjoyable experience for us. This clan will be playing against other clans once we have a stable amount of members and has gotten to know each other so that we will be able to properly communicate during matches. I really wanted to make this clan because its getting boring playing by yourself and going into random pub games against a full party of opponents. FEEL FREE TO JOIN THIS CLAN


      - We are recruting players with a K/D Ratio of 1.2 and above, I assure you that we will be able to help you get better in this game and make you Dedicated, Respectful, ACTIVE MEMBERS OF THIS FAMILY.


      - We are recruiting Every kind of player and it would really help us out too if you are a founder or a elite member.


      - It would be great if you have a Mic so we can communicate during matches but its alright if you dont have one.


      If you're interested in joining this clan Post your PSN ID or add me up= whoatemynova