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    Idea: Mercy endgame

      OK, so we all know dashboarding is a huge, HUGE problem in Black Ops 2, more so than any CoD in the franchise. IMHO, even Modern Warfare 3 wasn't this bad for it. This also ties into the immense frustration that comes with Join-In-Progress lobbies; you know, the ones where you take a God-awful stomping that you had no hand in to start with, just because a few cowards decided to pad their stats.


      Well, I've been thinking about it. Why not implement a Mercy system?


      Example: Three people in a team of six decide to rage quit. At that point, the losing team is screwed, as is anyone who joins the lobby. At that point, the game IMMEDIATELY ends. No join-in-progress. The game ends in a mercy. The dashers are punished with an immediate deranking/severe penalty to their K/D (say, 5,000 deaths for the first offense), and those who remain have their negative score cut in half. The winners still get their victory, but it doesn't hurt those who stayed in and lost on account of a bunch of cowards.


      I'm still working out the numbers in my head, but I want to know what everyone thinks. I'm going to run it by my roommate and get his opinion on the subject.



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          Sounds like it could be exploited by those glitchers who need to even out their k/d ratio to hide their cheating.


          I dont know if there is a fix aside from what's already in place with the probation thing.


          Again you have to remember not everyone quits voluntarily. Technical issues play a part in some as well.

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              They would have to root out the 10th Prestige glitchers, but it would be difficult outside of FFA for two full teams to collaborate something like what you're describing.


              Yes, I also know they'd have to sort out the connection issues as well, but TBH, you really shouldn't play if you have anything less than high speed cable internet.

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                  I play with dsl. You do not need high speed cable to play this game online. Nor am I ever going to get high speed cable either just to play a game online. Nor do I care if you think it is unfair or not right that the game allows me to do so either. Until you buy my game and my console and pay for my internet you really have no say in who should or should not be playing the game online ever.

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                I like the idea in theory, but in practice it would probably just make the stats mean that much less. I mean if my choice is take a major hit to my stats or get lag stomped/spawn trapped. I'd probably just take the stat hit. I try not to rage quit, but when the lag makes the game unplayable I really don't see any other option.


                I will say that when I do quit it is normally very early in a match. If my connnection is lagging majorly I know within 30 seconds to a minute in the game and I usually just get out (I'm not doing my team any good if I can't get a kill because of lag). I mean if there's only a few minutes left in the match, I won't quit, what's the point, I've already been pounded, I'll just leave the lobby once the game is over if it's that bad.

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                    If the penalty were severe enough, I believe people would be more likely to stay in their matches. No one can deny that the whole "sit in the corner for 5 minutes" punishment is just garbage. I don't see a problem with leaving the game if you're lagging badly; I've had rubber-band lobbies where I've had to leave because I couldn't even move.


                    I'm looking more to cut down on Join-in-progress, and I figured this could kill two birds with one stone.

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                        Yeah, but the problem is they won't be able to differenciate why you quit a lobby. I do quit a few matches as it sometimes takes a few matches to find a lobby where I'm not lagging horribly (1 second behind the action). I just can't play a game where I'm that far behind the action regardless of the plenaty.

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                          No penalty will ever stop dashboarding ever. Plus no game company will ever use a penalty system so severe as would be needed. They are a company out to make sales, not to keep you happy. They make sales by making the game playable for as many as possible not just those that pay for better internet or have high morals or ideals about sportsmanship or how others should play a game. You want such things in a game go get the needed degree's and make your own game that has those things in them. For this game never will.

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                        I think if you dashboard you should get 20,000 deaths the first offense and 100,000 deaths the second you should also get 40,000 losses whenever you dashboard.

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                          Yes. This has some promise :)