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    Prestige Master... Booooored

      so in 6 weeks of multiplayer i have acheived Prestige Master, multiple diamond camos, etc... when i have nothing to play for the game becomes boring. when i was acheiving rank and camos the game was exciting and i feel like i have reached these goals way to easy. actually a lot faster than in any other COD game.


      Soooo... i am hoping that perhaps they will add some more prestige levels perhaps.I am really looking forward to DLC especially the peacekeeper (ill have it diamond in 2 days max).


      But my point is as much as i like this game i feel like i was cheated by the lack of challenge in acheiving these goals. Treyarch needs to step up their game. the addition of the peacekeeper does give me some hope that in future DLC they will hopefully at least partially redeem theirselves.


      and BTW... WTF is up with the lack of HC game modes?? Really?! Dont be such HC haters, throw us a mosh pit or something jeeeez. core is for amatuers. shoot a enemy with a rpg and he turns around and kills you with a pistol? what kind of game is this where a pistol is more powerful than a rpg or assault rifle, smg, lmg, etc...