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      • 230. Re: The Pick 10 system is a lie.

        Cold blooded half counters it.  and the TF does not suck, it reduces recoil to ZERO and gives you a zoom. even with a view cut  it unfortunetly does way more good than bad.


        Seriously just give up. you had your chance... Failed just as bad as the Original OP did.  The thread is dead..


        Pick 10 > Pick Anything




        PS. Asainman w/ only 1 gun there is no need for Fast hands... so you have another point open

        • 231. Re: The Pick 10 system is a lie.

          Oh Crap....I totally misdid that. Haha. I guess You could put quick draw handle in it's place.  OP!

          • 232. Re: The Pick 10 system is a lie.

            we are the champions of this thread... and well keep on fighting for pick 10...

            • 233. Re: The Pick 10 system is a lie.

              The pick 10 makes perfect sense as to what you can and cannot combine


              God forbid they try and make the attachements make sense. No you can't combine the grenade launcher with a silencer with an acog with a zoom with a fast mag and extended mag  and....


              The limitations make sense, so no, it's not a lie, not at all.


              You also convenentily fail to mention the insane amount of balancing letting a "true" pick 10 system would entail. This game would be  broken if they did that, plain and simple.

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                Really this thread is still going on? They are not ever going to change it, they are not going to remove the restrictions on how it works no matter how many people want them too. Pick 10 is not a lie.


                It does not say pick 10 of what ever you want to make any class as powerful as you want. It says pick 10 items to make a class. So the pick 10 is not a lie and is not flawed or broken. Just some people want the ability to abuse the system to make super classes which there is no need for that to ever be in this game ever.

                • 235. Re: The Pick 10 system is a lie.

                  @deftera and@ trial... Thanks but please dont get them started again. Asianman and i just finally shut them up.... hopefully it was for good

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                    Standoff lends itself well to ARs and LMGs, so does Turbine, Drone (eurgh) Aftermath, Raid, Slums... Assuming you know how to move around the map with an AR. As most people whore SMGs, it'll take them some time to adjust to the playstyle and movement required to use ARs or LMGs. As they dont smash face immediately, they go back to what they got comfy with and (wrongly) assume that SMGs are god guns.

                    • 237. Re: The Pick 10 system is a lie.

                      EDIT: whoops no ignore me, you are quite right. Sorry.

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                        done reasearch on your statement..you are totally wrong..campaign..zombies and mp are ALLrated 18+..so if your parents buy it for you their breaking the law..so is anyone under 18 who is playing on mp

                        Rize_BHo wrote:


                        campaign is rated 18... multiplayer is unrated. so technically its for everyone as long as their parents buy it for the.


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                        • 239. Re: The Pick 10 system is a lie.


                          *this is not the exactly rating for BO2 but its close enough*


                          Please note the bottom.  Also technically its 17+ Not 18+.... and finally it is not "breaking the law" it would be breaking the law to buy or try to buy the game while under the age of 17, but is not in anyway "breaking the law" to play. Just like going to see an R rated movie, if you are accompanied by an adult you can get in to see it.  It is the parents job to decide if their child is mature enough to handle the game.

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