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    Can't here multiplayer voices.....

      So I hooked up my old Turtlebeach X1 headphones the other day for the first time in awhile.


      I can hear the voices in the campaign and I can hear the autmomated voices in multiplayer [ie: reload, incoming enemy stealth chopper etc.].


      But when other other players speak I can't hear them.  I have no idea if they can hear me, I see the indication that players are talking but I can't hear anything. I've checked and even re-adjusted the volume controls for the headset and via  xbox and via Blops2 but nothing seems to work.


      Is this a bug? IS this just a super mega user error fail on  my part?


      I can't seem  to figure out what's causing it thus it's difficult to try and figure out what to do to fix it....