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    The solution....Keep this thread bumped!

      Hackers ruin the game...duh! So how do you solve the problem? Here is the best way and most community friendly way!


      1) Add a blacklist feature. This will allow individual players to add another player to their personal 'blacklist' meaning they will never join a lobby or active game that the blacklisted person is playing in! This feature cannot be overly dificult to create/implement, it would work similar to the mute feature that is currently available!!!


      2) Kicking hackers from a game? Currently the development team seems to be very closed minded about this...they need some help thinking outside the box! So here I am, ready to assist. I call it "Blacklist booting". It would essentially work like this, if a player is blacklisted by more than 50% of players in a match, then that individual is kicked from that match!


      3) Keeping hackers OUT!?!?!? I call this idea, "Blacklist suspension". Heres how it works, if a player is 'blacklist booted' from more than 3 games in a 24 hour period then that player will automatically receive a 'blacklist suspension' of 24 hours (effective immediatly). This suspension will block the players steam ID and IP address from joining any online matches for exactly 24 hours.


      4) Finally, the holy grail of HACKERS GTFO! "Blacklist ban". This is a permenent IP and steam ID ban from online servers. (Remember you buy the single player game and the online option is simply an addition, access to it is not guarenteed, nor protected under the TOS). A "Blacklist ban" would come as a result of 3 'Blacklist suspensions' within a 30 day period.



      So lets recap, a player will be 'blacklist booted' (kicked) from a match if more than 50% of the match 'blacklists' him. If a player is 'blacklist booted' three times in a 24 hour period, that player will recieve a single 'blacklist suspension' (24 hour temporary ban). If you are 'Blacklist suspended' 3 times in any 30 day interval, then you are 'blacklist banned' (permanent ban).

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          Re: The solution....Keep this thread bumped!

          Opinions and improvements are welcomed!

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            Re: The solution....Keep this thread bumped!

            I'm just gonna bump this everytime I join a game with a hacker.

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              Re: The solution....Keep this thread bumped!

              This is a bad idea and not really a solution and I'll tell you why...


              Clans and parties...


              Clans and parties generally make up 50% of the room... That would pretty much give them the power to "blacklist" people out of the game as all they'd have to do is start making convincing hackusations and initiate the "blacklist" process.  They would only have to convince ONE person on the other team that "X" player is hacking...


              Also the same clans and parties could be hacking their a**es off, yet they will make up 50% of the room so would be completely 100% immune to your "blacklist" feature...



              Last but not least, with the massive number of hackusations that happen, you are GUARANTEED to end up with alot of legit players getting "blacklisted" constantly for doing simple things like defending their flag (camping noob) or using a certain gun for challenges (*insert weapon name here* noob) etc...



              No I am sorry but the ONLY possible solution that had ANY chance of reviving the CoD franchise on PC is to bring back FULLY FUNCTIONAL dedicated servers in the style of CoD4, WaW, HL2, Crysis 2, BF3, etc


              As long as we are screwed with FORCED matchmaking (and it IS forced when matchmaking is the ONLY way to level up/prestige) every CoD game from here on out is guaranteed to be a hacker infested, ultra laggy, troublemaker ridden, waste of software.

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                Re: The solution....Keep this thread bumped!

                Great idea, but nothing is gonna happen about it. Do you know why? Because the millions have already been stolen, and InfinityWard and ActivisionBlizzard are such shitheads who won't help you after that.

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                  Re: The solution....Keep this thread bumped!

                  Not ever going to happen because of how the feature could be abused by people. A team of palyers could simply blacklist someone on the other team that was beating them forcing them to be kicked from the match.


                  Because of this one simple reason it would never be allowed in the game.

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                    Re: The solution....Keep this thread bumped!

                    Not good. Everyone would use it, because someone from the other team was ripping them a new one. Also, for example, FMG9 users would be often reported for using their gun.

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                      Re: The solution....Keep this thread bumped!

                      I like this idea, but all the comments here are true too.


                      I would prefer a soft modified way:

                      Let the gamer, the steam user, INSIDE the game decide and give us, the pc game buyers, the possibility (with one/two clicks) to submit a formal voting, like it used to be in the good old FPS!!  The majority of the gamers, actual playing in this specific game lobby, shall be able to make a quick and democratic decision while playing! So not only one or two low wannabe cheater(s) can ruin the game for all other players! Also Clans who fill more than half of the lobby would not kick everyone for being better/using Noob weapons, since it’s hard enough to find games for a full Team filled with Clan Members. To make this sure, there must be a public Counter which shows how many times a VAC proved NONE Cheater was reported by the gamers in order to make this I-report-everyone-for-no-reasons-gamers think twice before reporting/kicking other gamers.


                      Of course, obvious Cheaters should be kicked off the lobby in order to keep up the fun for the clean players. It must be possible to kick people if the majority of the gamers inside the lobby simply do not want to play with this individual (not only for cheating, also for offending, racist speaking etc.). But cheater-report must go direct to the VAC System. Ban or not must be still up to VAC (or other Anti-Cheat System, maybe the ones who won’t need up to 3 month for a ban to take effect!). I do not want to be banned, just because some other gamers believe I use a kind of cheat, but in fact I just listen to sounds (footsteps) ig. in S&D game mode, which is one of the most important Must-Do in MW3 IMO.

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