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        LOL.  ~Looks at FAMAS from Black Ops 1~.  Balance?  Did you see the shotguns in that game? totally useless.  There was one or two good SMGs.  In this game. I can use any gun and still do well.  That is way more balanced than Black Ops 1.

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          I can see someone has a little forum crush. But lets look at my Internet now to the closet test server.





          Not even going to try to play right now.

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            Thats really amusing, there was no gun balance in that game. It was the FAMAS, and everything else.  I'm sure you loved the unbalanced perks like Ghost Pro and Sleight of Hand Pro as well. I changed my mind, keep complaining.

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              Anyone wanna bet the new SMG will be underused because it will be made to "balance" the new weapons

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                Shotguns weak?? 2 shot guns were good. 1st one and the spas. SMG's were good too. MPL, Mac-11, AK74u ( was overpowered ), MP5K, and etc... ( Can't remember all of their guns name ). Assault Rifles were good. Galil ( One of the most balance guns and should be brought back since it's coded in the game ), Famas ( Overpowered till patch ), Aug ( Overpowered till patch ), AK47, Commando. Snipers were way more balance. No quickscoping. Light Machine Guns had two good ones. M60 and Stoner69 ( I think that's the name ).

                ~THE NOOB KILLER

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                  Sorry, but coming from a guy who played something silly like 30 days of Black Ops because I absolutely loved that game, it is a stretch to say that it was balanced. Certain guns definitely had an advantage in that game, and certain perk setups were dominant in that game.


                  This game may have it's issues, but balance isn't one of them. I have yet to see any set up in which I shake my head and think its unbeatable.


                  Everything has its limits. Everything has its counter. Everything costs you something to use it. The SMGs are powerful, but so are the other guns in the right hands, expecially the ARs.

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                    Ghost Pro, Sleight of Hand Pro ( Which everyone told me that wasn't unbalance on Black Ops 1 ), and Second Chance were a little OP. But Flak Jacket was way better than Ghost Pro and Hacker was way better than Second Chance Pro.


                    ( Also Sleight of Hand Pro kept the game more fast pace. Also got more people using other guns. )


                    ~THE NOOB KILLER

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                      Its not a stretch, its flat wrong. Whatever gun you were using, you had no chance against a skilled FAMAS user, the nerf did nothing to slow it down. The Galil was the only gun that could come close to it. Thats it. The rest of the ARs were vastly inferior. The shotguns and smgs were worthless even in HC. The Stoner was ok in HC, useless in Core. All of the snipers sucked.

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                        NoLifeKing29 wrote:


                        No. Another SMG is fine, why add an LMG, the least used class. Why add a sniper, a niche class. They could have added another AR, but there are what 8 already? An SMG is something everyone can use and enjoy. It won't be OP, they obviously learned from BO1 and are striving for gun balance. Stop complaining.

                        What game are you playing??? The SMGs are already way way overused in this game.. now all they are going to do is an another one? which im assuming now will be OP (my opinion- gonna play like smg but feel like AR?? sounds promising)  in BO1 minus the Famas the balance between the ARs and SMGs were actually pretty good.


                        P.S. on a side note... snipers a niche??? get off your high horse

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                          You don't understand thought. Sure some perks like Sleight of Hand was overpowered but it kept people using different guns. Compare using a LMG in Black Ops 1 and Black Ops 2. In Black Ops 1 using Sleight of Hand Pro helped you reload fast and aim down the sights fast while still using attachments. In this game you need to use attachments to help you win gun fights. Anything but SMG's need quickdraw to win 1/2 times in a CQC. Famas could be beat by the AK47 which had really good damage. The nerf made you have to use Sleight of Hand to aim down the sights or Steady Aim for better hip fire. MPL could destroy the Famas at close range.


                          ~THE NOOB KILLER

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