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        30. Re: 2PRO recruiting pro players (PS3 & Updated)


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          31. Re: 2PRO recruiting pro players (PS3 & Updated)

          Any more sexy people out there?

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            32. Re: 2PRO recruiting pro players (PS3 & Updated)

            i would join but have a 1.71 k/d ration win loss 0.49 spm 370 and can not use my computer i use it rarely and i can only play 2 hours a day because i go to high school and im only 14

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              33. Re: 2PRO recruiting pro players (PS3 & Updated)

              You can try out if you wish Agent.

              I had a member who used to be a 7th prestiege 1.69 KDR, gave him a chance, and now he's one of the best players in the clan, and the co-leader. I can't play on weekdays, only weekends, if you're interested in joining message the co-leader:





              Tell him you're from the forums in a seperate message (not the friend request message) and that you're interested in trying out.


              Hope to see you Friday with the clan!

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                34. Re: 2PRO recruiting pro players (PS3 & Updated)

                haha im intrested a little bit let me know what is this test about and ill see how you guys play if your offer to me is still good. Well IF you remember talking to me

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                  35. Re: 2PRO recruiting pro players (PS3 & Updated)

                  I'd like to join.  Dieyou2000 on PSN.


                  K/D:  2.17

                  SPM: 308

                  W/L: .19


                  Yeah....the spm and w/l are so horrible because I legitimately have almost never partied up in this game and I always play Dom late night so I get put solo vs teams.  That and I seem to always get matched with blind, handless teammates that don't even try to cap flags.


                  Anyway, play with me a bit and you'll see I'm a good team player who can play the objective well or push the other team back into their spawn with slaying.


                  The one thing I do want to know is how often you guys play.  Obviously, the reason I'm joining is because I'd like a group of people to play with consistenly.  I'm at a community college so I'll be busy, but as long as there are maybe....2 other people on regularly that would be fine.


                  The last clan I was in in MW3 only played at certain times and that isn't what I'm looking for.


                  I'll send you a request on PSN.



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                    36. Re: 2PRO recruiting pro players (PS3 & Updated)



                    Clan name: Destroy on Sight

                    Clan k/d ratio: 1.90

                    Clan tag: DoS-

                    Clan members: 30


                    Click the apply button on clan page if u have at least a 1.50 k/d ratio and 1.00 w/l ratio.

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                      37. Re: 2PRO recruiting pro players (PS3 & Updated)

                      Hey sir!


                      Well the test is basically if your KDR is glitched, or if you're better than a for example "1.60 KDR" and you get constant 100-0 games.

                      I've had some people trying to join having a 2.50 KDR, but dashboard/have hacked records.I only accept legit good players.


                      We do have good players, but my only concern for the clan right now is MY activeness, for some time i won't be able to be on weekdays, ONLY on weekends/no school days. My co leader is on most of the time and hosts 2PRO parties.


                      Our members are EXTREMELY loyal, they have been in the clan for more than 5 months. I usually kick out people who change their clan tag / not play with us. So only good quality members stay.


                      I will be on TOMORROW (friday)

                      If you wish to see how we play or our party up, come add me





                      Check out our website for everyone's location/KDR etc


                      twopro.weebly.com   just scroll over their names

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                        38. Re: 2PRO recruiting pro players (PS3 & Updated)

                        Hey die!


                        Like your KDR and SPM


                        Win Loss not so much...

                        I have not partied up earlier, and had a 0.60...

                        You will HAVE to bring that up a lot though, but yeah, since i've been in parties with my clan a lot recently, i went from a 0.60 to a 0.90 WL


                        Well, to be honest if you are going to expect me to play everyday, it's not going to happen for some time...maybe a few months. Otherwise i would have played everyday lol

                        My co-leader plays everyday and hosts 90% of the parties of 2PRO.

                        My members play often, but I play almostlike 24/7 on the weekends if that's what you're looking for.


                        All of the people in the clan have great relations with me(:

                        I keep in contact with them through the website!


                        But i promise you, we are full of good players!

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                          39. Re: 2PRO recruiting pro players (PS3 & Updated)

                          Just in general for both of you:


                          We ALL go for high scorestreaks

                          I would say probably like 80% of us use Orbital VSAT.

                          Once one person from the party gets it, LITERALLY the whole game is full of contsant VSATs up in the air. I personally do NOT go for kills, i go for objective, that's how i get my VSATs-K9 and Swarms


                          In black ops 1, of course i was all for kills, getting contsant 50-3 matches, 2 attack dogs a game..

                          (XxShooterxXMw2  was my PSN)


                          But I might change my style and go for more kills than captures, since my KDR is pretty bad in my opinion.


                          So if you join a full party of us, expect a lot of rage quitting lobbies, constant host migrations and constant Win/Loss improvement!


                          We have around 30 clan people, most are not registered to Elite because they don't remember their passwords.


                          YOU WILL BE EXPECTED TO SIGN UP ON ELITE

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