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    UK only PS3 BO2 Tactical Squad - No Time Waster Please.

      UK ONLY

      for UK Tacticalsquad.

      Active and working on clan ops, league play and clan nights.

      Mature, Tactical players.

      Leader that will listen to each members views.


      We will place you in 5 trial matches, in those you will be expected to get 60 kills across the games. (Average of 12 per game).

      k/d ratio not significant.

      (You will get more deaths than kills by consistantly trying in games and not leaving when you are losing)




      Please register on elite:

      www.elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/4927455 with code 1250 as a message.


      Please apply on website:

      www.uktsblops2.webs.com with same code.


      Read the 'Rules' section of the site!!!!


      Add Miss_Reaper89, cardiff_sniper and Th3Cr0w169 using the same code.