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        30. Re: Remington

        Actually the stakeout could fire a round every .85 seconds with the grip attached, and this 870 can fire a round every .75 seconds.  So its only 17% faster actually.  And the stakeout actually has almost 4 meters more one shot range than the 870.  And the stakeout also has a whopping 3 degree tighter hip-spread meaning its hipfire is also much more effective than the 870's as well.  The 870 is actually a really poor shotgun compared to the stakeout in most of the important aspects.

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          31. Re: Remington

          thats because you play Core, and in Core your gun shoot airsoft bullet.


          When i was leveling up my shotguns, I played Core because its so much more forgiving. Even when I did miss the guy,he could shoot me  one bullet, 2 bullet 3 bullet , and I was not even dead! That was giving me plenty of time to pump it and shoot back, while getting closer to him.


          You would not have that problem in Hardcore, if they miss you, they are dead.

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            32. Re: Remington

            Quit crying about nerfing the shotgun. Most likely u probably use a smg. Typical. Nerf the shotgun, then nerf the smg why u at it. Can't stand cry babies.

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              33. Re: Remington

              Still waiting for OPs clips.

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                This gun is nothing like it was, and as others have said, its inconsistent even from very close distances. Hardly needs a nerf. Dammit if its so good use it already and may the best shot win. Stop asking for all the guns to be the same!

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                  35. Re: Remington

                  OP still hasn't figured out which shotgun is best! 

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                    36. Re: Remington

                    If there was only one gun in the game, it would still be OP.

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                      Black_Beard wrote:


                      The shotguns in this game have pathetic range compared to other cods.  This 870 with long barrel and laser sight has about 10 meters of reliable one shot kill range.  The mw3 spas has about 15 meters and even the blops 1 stakeout has 14 meters of one shot range.  Not to mension hipfire.  The 870 has the worst hipfire of any pump shotgun in cod history.  Its default spread while moving is 10 degrees.  That is so wide that even its 50 damage per pellet range becomes unreliable.  With the laser its spread is 6.5 degrees while moving.  That is still the worst of any pump shotgun in cod history.  The next worst is the mw3 1887 at 6 degrees stock hipfire and steady aim takes that down to 4.


                      This 870 is essentially a pump action mw2 m1014.  The close range damage of the 870 is identicle to the mw2 m1015 with stopping power, but here is the funny part.  The m1014 has 2.5 meters more one shot kill range and 220 more rounds per minute.  This 870 with long barrel does less damage than the mw3 striker after 520 inches.  So that "super long range" the 870 supposedly has does not exist.  In fact ater 500 inches its a pump action striker.  The 870 sucks for anything other than barrel stuffing.

                      Thank you for backing that up with solid figures.  I use shotguns primarily since MW2 and used them in WaW even though that was pure suicide, and pretty much only use other guns to get the challenges/camo done and for certain maps.  I don't know the  numbers, but I know the all the shotguns rather well, and feel the shotguns here are the weakest since WaW.


                      I firmly belive the worst shotgun in CoD history was the trenchgun in WaW, but I still loved it anyway.  I only wish that gun was able to use both the 100% necessary grip along with the really cool bayonet and not cost you your grenades.


                      There is no excuse for the R870 being worse than the Striker, and the S12 being worse than the BO1 SPAS-12, and I firmly belive silencers should not penalize the already short range of shotguns, as they didn't in the BO1 SPAS.  The Stakeout is probably the gold standard in pump action shotguns, and the MW3 1887, the lever action and sounds were very fun.


                      I have a theory that the problem that led to the 870 nerf was hardcore.  Maybe in HC that gun was brutal, which hardly matters since everything is brutal in HC, but I could see how it might have been too reliable.  If so, it should have been nerfed in HC only.

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                        38. Re: Remington

                        870 is fine stop complaining. In fact all the guns are pretty well balanced. The only thing I would consider slightly OP is the emp grenade. Way to easy to kill equipment, and the effect on players lasts too long.  It should take 2 emps to kill a sentury or guardian.

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                          Strengths and weaknesses are way more pronounced in HC. Sure, it had and still does have good reach, but in HC its even more vulnerable when going up against multiple enemies.

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