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    Hit detection on KSG

      KSG is shooting a single slug so accuracy is important, i get that. What i don't get is that sometimes my shots go right through the enemies body and i am aiming right on his body. Then i switch to the DSR and miss the enemy completley, yet i get the kill. Conclusion? The KSG has a extremly small hit box while the DSR has a big hitbox. Why can't the KSG have the same hitbox as the DSR?

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          Whilst I was getting the KSG Gold, I noticed that if the enemy I was trying to shoot was moving, I had to track them with the reticle for the duration of the firing noise to ensure I got the kill. There seems to be a good bit of latency between pulling the trigger and the shot actually being fired. To this end, I actually had to use a reflex sight with it. Great weapon, but takes good skill and requires a good connection. I wouldn't dream of using this gun in a laggy lobby...


          EDIT: Its kind of like the firing latency you get with launchers actually. Another thing I did was pull the trigger whilst off target, swing my aim round and across the enemy as the firing sound plays. Got the kill. Figure theres some built in firing latency, thats how it seems to me. Tried other guns in the same games and they behaved normally.

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            I had the same problem- at medium ranges I had no problem with accuracy on that gun, but at point blank I couldn't hit a stationary target more than half the time. 


            Ballistic knife and crossbow are the same for me.  I can track a moving target at range with the crossbow with a good rate of contact, but last night I sneaked up behind a guy who had no idea I was there and was standing perfectly still and missed him with the launched ballistic knife twice.  I was two feet away.


            I suspect the hit detection is this bad for everything, but when you have an 80 rpm gun vs a 900 rpm gun, the misses are a lot more noticeable.

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                The hit detection is better on mid range than in close range, i agree with that. Today i had a match on express and a guy was camping, i was behind him and shoot 2 times with the KSG in his chest, nothing happend, then the third shoot actually has killed him.


                Its a great weapon and requires good aim and i would love to use it more often but the hit detection on that thing is so random even when you are dead on target.

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                I think you're just suffering from lag.


                When you shoot your KSG, what you see on the scereen is not where he is. He might be a foot or so to the left or right. His hitbox is not where you see him. When you switched to your DSR, you may have missed him on your screen but you got the kill because you got lucky and hit his invisible hitbox.

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                  Found a new video, related to the KSG.



                  and ADS Delay related.