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        10. Re: Remington

        I actually liked using the S12, the only bad thing about it I noticed was the reload speed, pretty terrible IMO...Though it was a nice expierence to use to my surprise, except for the OHK's of course while camo chasing.


        M1216 though...Just started using it and oh my. X_X.

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          11. Re: Remington

          Bielsalmighty wrote:


          My Remington has diamonds to go with its LS and LB. Its a weapon I am very familiar with by now.


          If anything needs doing to shotguns, the S12 and M1216 need to be made more viable in Core. Especially they S12, second worst gun in the game IMO.

          I game with biels alot.. the guys knows his stuff when it comes to shotties,

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            12. Re: Remington

            My problem with the S12 is that it can take WAY too many bursts to kill someone. Ok, sure, it can be an utter beast, and 2-3 shot people, but then a bit later you hammer out 5 shots, on target, only to get sprayed down by the dude who is close enough that you could reach out and punch him. Some games are entirely like the latter. I liked it at first, but very quickly came to hate it.


            The M1216? Wouldn't use that outside of HC to be honest. In fact HC was how I got the S12 and M1216 done. Even the KSG was easier than those two, and thats the one which had me worried...


            EDIT: when you say you like using the S12 though, I know *EXACTLY* what you mean, spamming it at people, getting that BAM BAM BABAMBAM racket....awesome

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              13. Re: Remington

              S12 warmed up to me, obviously just a small map gun but it was a good ride, I remember using the gun and thinking "Wow, can't wait for the KSG this is terrible." later on I loved the S12 and could not stand the KSG but thankfully it was an easy Gold.


              I've done everything in Core, and I like the extra challenge but the M1216 may lead me to HC just because I don't want to always stand point blank behind someone for a OHK as that's just a pain.


              Yes the spamming was actually pretty fun. ;p not the only reason I liked it though.

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                14. Re: Remington

                Its OHK range is still pitiful in HC, just to forewarn you. However, you'd be surprised at the reach it has if you ADS and land all 4 bursts. I warmed up to this one a little bit in HC, especially when I had the OHKs finished off. The bloodthirstys weren't too difficult to get, although the no attachments challenge was pretty painful

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                  15. Re: Remington

                  I hate the R870. Not because it's a Shotgun, I love shotguns, but because it's so damn unreliable. I'm sick of ADSing at people from a few meters away and getting hitmarkers, and when I run into another remmington user, I'll ADS, fire first and get hitmarkers, they hipfire from the same distance and get a OHK, nearly every time (with or without the laser sight). Me and my mates watched some games back in theater the other night and were just laughing, didn't know what else to do really. Yes I daresay some of it is down to lag comp but not all of it all the time. Give me the MW3 1887 any day.

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                    16. Re: Remington

                    After the constant failures regarding shotguns since MW2, I might be happy with this games shotguns. After trying (And succeeding) to get the MW3 Pre patch KSG to gold, they might of nailed it.


                    The 870 is a pump action shotgun, and is difficult to use against multiple people (In theory, people appear to be retards half the time) because of that. It needs the longer OHK range because of its lower fire rate.

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                      17. Re: Remington

                      Anybody that says the Remington isn't OP is saying that so their most used gun doesn't get nerfed.


                      I was just playing, and as usual getting frustrated with the lag, getting insta-killed with akimbo machine pistols, getting 6-7 hitmarkers and dude won't die, no hitmarkers at point blank, etc. I switched over to the Remmy and owned, and i almost never use shotguns. You don't even have to aim... come around corner with your gun up, guy is anywhere close you shoot and 8 of 10 times it is a one and done.


                      Anyway, I may start using them until they get nerfed proper. Hope the snipers are next, they are as easy to use as shotguns.

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                        18. Re: Remington

                        Funny. I do just as well with Assault Rifles as I do with the R870. Sounds to me like you are using the other weapons wrong and blaming it on lag. Fact: if you are lagging, shotguns become highly unusable, point blank hitmarkers 50% of the time at LEAST.

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                          19. Re: Remington

                          So you come around a corner with a shotgun and expect not to win the gun fight? It's a shotgun, you are winning because you are in its maximum effective range. What you aren't doing is getting kills across the map like everyone else can with any other gun. Go outside of your kill range and you're ******. The shotguns are nowhere near as good as real shotguns while every other gun outperforms is real life counter part as if an expert marksmen is handling them.

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