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        30. Re: Why do you hate Black Ops 2?

        My only issue is the connections


        Fix the connections and I will be a happy sausage


        No not that kind of sausage. A frankfurter

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          31. Re: Why do you hate Black Ops 2?

          Yeah, the lag/lag compensation issues are the real problem from my experience.


          Until that's fixed, no one can say for certain that ANYTHING is OP/UP simply because connection messes with people. Whoever gets the benefit will kill people easily and live when they otherwise should've died while the one on the losing end of it will end up with the opposite, they can empty 10-15 rounds into a person's chest/head (or 1-3+ shotgun blasts full body) and they won't die while they'll die in 1-2 bullets from pretty much anything the enemy uses. And they can also forget about knifing in ANY capacity.

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            32. Re: Why do you hate Black Ops 2?

            Fixing all the lag would probably solve almost all problems with this game but other than that the dam freezes and sound bug on ps3... that **** is getting on my nervers.

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              33. Re: Why do you hate Black Ops 2?

              Lag the fact i can put 6 rounds in a guys face get hit markers i drop dead the killcam says i dont stop running. The fact a guy on 2 bar can go47 and 17 because of lag. The fact the ps3 has really bad framerate and the graphics are a joke. Just the fact they have screwed the ps3 users.



              I new see why alot of xbox users are running LT 3.0.

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                34. Re: Why do you hate Black Ops 2?

                1. lag is horrible

                2. constant freeze ups   just had one as a matter of fact

                3. spinning treyarch symbol for long periods of time

                4. hit detecion is horrible

                5 Master prestige and other hacks/glitches

                6. spawns are ridiculous to say the least

                7. connection interruption

                8. ridiculous accuracy and range of certain weapons

                9 maps suck

                to name a few!!!

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                  35. Re: Why do you hate Black Ops 2?

                  i dont hate the game its just unfair.... im a low level on my ps3 account and im having alot of trouble ranking up and doing jack because i stand no chance at all unless all i play is hardcore and thats not giving me enough XP to rank up and the perks i need to help me are some of the highest level perks and the guns your stuck with at a low level well they just straight up blow..... ive tryed every game mode and just keep getting slaughterd like im nothing you have to have a clan full of friends and to do that you've got too spend 60 bucks on becoming and elite member i mean yea it would be nice but half of the worlds broke what im saying is just please make atleast a game mode thats fair for low level crappy players like me that still gives you some what decent XP so i can atleast make it too the first prestige

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                    36. Re: Why do you hate Black Ops 2?

                    The minimap is usefull and it's there for a reason. It helps you locate where the enemies are. My friends have a 1.75, 2.1, 2.4, and 3.1 kdr, and they are ALWAYS looking at the minimap. When my team has a VSAT or UAV up, I'm almost always looking at it untill i see there's an enemy I can kill. It's a good thing, and can be used to a players advantage.

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                      37. Re: Why do you hate Black Ops 2?

                      Actually, Sonic Boom AND Danger Close give 25% more explosive damage, in turn increasing the range by about that 25%. They're the same thing, but they buffed noobtubes in MW2 from CoD4.

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                        38. Re: Why do you hate Black Ops 2?

                        Actually, Original is CoD4. It had NO pro perks and about 10 perks per class. About the same amount of guns per class (give or take 1 or two), and it plays alot like CoD4. If all the attachments were perks, we'd pretty much have a futuristic CoD4. Pro perks ARE NOT original, neither is what you want in ORIGINAL. So do I believe you've been playing since CoD1, not at all, but Black Ops 1 (god I hate that name) yes, I would believe that.

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                          39. Re: Why do you hate Black Ops 2?

                          I think something that people don't seem to get is that it's just a game. There are hundreds of thousands of other games out there. If they catered to what everyone wanted, then no one would be happy! They make the game as fair as they can, and knowing 3arch, a lot of these probablems will be fixed soon. The games been out for 2 months.


                          We have DLC fairly soon, so hopefully that solves the maps problem (for the most part), and there's 10 MONTHS for them to fix the lag comp., spawns, and game!


                          What you people don't get is that is that there's (just a guess) 1000 times the amount of players on at a time as there are Dev's at 3arch (if there were 500 at 3arch and 500,000 online). That means about 1 person per every 1000 people who want something fixed to each persons specifics. There is no way this, nor any future CoD, will be perfect! Every game has is flaws! Heck, CoD 4 was half unplayable when it first came out, and then after 5 months (note how we're 2 months into this game and 3arch usually fixes stuff faster then infinityward) it was and probably still is the best online experience.


                          Stop complaining and making the biggest deal over ghost, or campers! You seriously think of a paragraph complaining about OP shotguns, or smgs, or UP Assault Rifles! Go buy Skyrim or something else, where you can enjoy without any Lag Comp (must I add if you complain about Lag Comp you're probably self-centered) or campers, or OP anything!

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