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    Improving gameplay by handicapping yourself

      Has anyone else tried to handicap yourself to improve your gameplay, it may sounds stupid but it works. I am more caution when i am handicapped and the new experience you learn from this can be used for regular gameplay.


      There are many ways to handicap yourself like don't picking any Perks, Scorestreaks or Weapon Attachements. Balistic Knife only. Crossbow only. etc. you get the idea. The new pick 10 system gives you so much freedom to create a unique class.


      I started to play with all kind of different weird stuff because the regular gameplay wasn't that exciting to me anymore, i loved rushing also i loved the assault rifles but then after a while it was so easy and i felt no satisfaction while using the same weapons over and over again. I am aware that you get better gameplay for using the most effective weapon in the game but again, where is the excitment? i personally find it extremly boring to use the most effective weapon and doing well with it.


      I love watching call of duty gameplay videos from others since cod4 but most of the youtube videos today are only with PDW, MSMC or MP7, i am not saying these weapons are overpowered but its so boring to see these easy mode weapons, really. I personally find quickscoping more entertaining to watch even when i am not a quickscopers myself.


      Talking about quickscoping, i am not good at it and never really tried it but i do find that quickscoping is a form of handicap. While i agree that some killcams can be very annoying when you get killed by a sniper, i still think quickscoping isn't as easy as people think. Most people who complain about quickscoping and snipers in general are SMG only players, ironicly SMGs are the easiest weapons in the game. If quickscoping is cheap, what is a smg player then?


      This got a little bit out of hand, sorry for the quickscoping talk but i have to say this.


      In BO1 i loved the daily, weekly challenges because it gave me inspirtation to use all kind of weapons and i get rewarded for it, i really miss this in BO2 and i think BO2 would be a overall better game when the daily, weekls challenges are coming back especially with the new pick 10 class system, maybe via a title update.


      What is your experience with handicapping yourself, you like it? you hate it? would you like to see the daily, weekly challenges coming back to bo2.